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  1. what kind of manga/anime would you recommend to hilda? I feel like would love Sailor Moon very much.

  2. Utena...but like once she's at least 14 to 16 years old.

  3. low key if they changed brinewater springs to have inkable walls (the whole thing, from spawn to mid, or at least the majority of it), it would instantly become one of the best maps.

  4. Maybe not everything, but it is ridiculous how even short walls you can hop over can't be inked. All the short walls should be inkable, and the walls in the flank path should be inkable. I also think the wall under the grate should be inkable to give players a risky flank/hiding spot.

  5. Hey, that's not true. There is three other walls... which is to say that platform has three other sides.

  6. Huh. How fast can you swing it? If it's fire rate is too slow than I think they should lower its level requirement.

  7. Not sure about most, but Frank Welker as both Big Man and Lil' Buddy and like pretty much every Octarian. Oh, and if got Judd and Li'l Judd, them too, but all their dialogue needs to be meowing with subtitles.

  8. I was gonna say the inkling isn't even tall enough to look through the windows but our payables probably aren't adults. At the oldest, I'm pretty sure they're teens.

  9. I think Inklings/Octolings are roughly middle school age.

  10. They're small studios with a 1/2 bathroom and kitchenette. For bathing you have to go to a near by bathouse. $2000/month, no utilities included.

  11. I do hope this leads to a Reef-Lux buff. Good at painting but it's hard to get a good splat with it with the short range it has, even with full charge.

  12. Exploring it recon mode and it doesn't seem that bad. The choke is the mid point, and you can jump down from base into the dark grey zones giving you two places to pop out from. Wish it had more inkable walls, especially in the flanking area, you have to walk all away around the long ramp. In fact the only inkable wall seems to be the mid platform.

  13. I haven't notice more instances of lag, but I have seen more instances of really bad lag. In at least one case the game not registering I splatted someone a full 2 seconds after they seemingly splatted me (which looked weird cause when they splatted me it looked like they walked past me, ignoring me, before I exploded).

  14. Meh, I’ll still be using reef-lux for the decent ink coverage it gets. I like reef-lux. It’s a weapon that fits my preferred playstyle (focusing on turf coverage rather than splatting) and this doesn’t change that.

  15. I just hope they make the projectiles a little bit faster and give it a little bit more distance.

  16. Yeah, I had thought it would expend charges per missile that explodes, not be on a set timer. Not that I'm complaining. Not seeing people use missiles four or five times in a turf war match.

  17. They need to give some iframes after it's fully charged and have the sucking bit actually deal damage, or suck up more ink than it does. Toxic Mist is more useful than Ink Vac.

  18. I rarely see anyone ever use my beakons. They rather jump into the middle of a fire fight than die from a splat bomb it seems.

  19. Michael Bay, in general, the military propaganda, the robot designs, the attempt at "comedy", the racist caricature (Mudflap and Skids), focus on humans, and all the bad awkward dialogue.

  20. This means you should press on the gas and breaks at the same time.

  21. Reminds me of the commie blocks the USSR use to make. Cheap and efficient.

  22. Japanese Robocop parody, with elements of Metal Heroes.

  23. The video game adaptation of Goncharov. The best mafia game ever made.

  24. It's not as big a nerf as you think. All that's happening is their special will need 210 points instead of 200.

  25. No, they're mostly joking. Tenta Missile just won't be able charge their special after firing till the last missile hits ground. They'll still be just as good, just not as spammy.

  26. It should have been 4444 just for the extra bad mojo.

  27. Barely related but I be forgetting Hammerhead Bridge is the same map from the original Splatoon lmao

  28. Kind of. The Splatoon 1 version had a grate path. For some reason they removed the majority of the grates without adding any other flanking options.

  29. I suspect this is more of a bandaid fix while they work on something a bit better.

  30. Depends how frustrated you get when on a losing streak. If you can handle it well than go for it, otherwise best to avoid unnecessary stress. Playing PVE might be okay though.

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