This was supposed to be a plant progress post showing off my oxalis but Henk stole the show

I needed this today

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  1. I hope you hit this. Would be legendary

  2. I literally am still healing from getting all four wisdoms out, that diffusion powder is amazing and I can’t recommend it enough. Take it easy and eat lots of soft foods.

  3. Lucky you 😂 closest dispo to me is an hour one way lmfao. I always buy a lot when I go because of it

  4. Haven’t tried their hot honey, but the regular is amazing 👌🏼

  5. I’m genuinely curious and hoping somebody can help me understand it more. I just don’t see where the extra 10 mg comes from because it isn’t listed. Is it coming from something that they don’t list? Or is it like the math they do for toilet paper where it’s never meant to actually make sense 😂

  6. Yes I second this. Luster pods will do exactly what OP needs. However they will not be able to change the voltage on it. OP it seems like you’ll have to pick which one is more convenient for you, I don’t think you’ll find a battery with everything you want packed into one.

  7. They use 3 days for sure. Just grabbed some today

  8. Killer deal for 35 bucks! How is it?

  9. Oh man he’s sure gonna miss the four upvotes this group regularly gives out

  10. Now my penis is stuck in a toaster

  11. And they gave them all to cities that already have dispos…. Fml I’m so tired of getting raped on prices and driving 3 hours round trip just so I don’t have to worry about some clown in a cowboy hat putting me in prison for cheaper meds in Mich.

  12. Do you know the lineage of the rain strain? Also have you tried it and how is it if so?

  13. I am unaware of the lineage. I’m broke right now and low on meds so I hopped on the best deal I could find to get me by! So far both the cart and the resin taste amazing. Just gave the cart a small hit to taste it. The badder did amazing for my pain and even settled my ibs episode down that I’ve been having today!

  14. I lost a job that told me they were cool with medical card because my “levels of thc were above medical use” I keep my medical card a secret now

  15. Is that a begonia? Ive killed two now smh

  16. i barely made it to 18 cause i was plugged in to politics. At this point i just want to be left alone

  17. Hmmm I guess I'm thankful for making it to 24

  18. Just visited last weekend at the Detroit location. Gage carts are solid I enjoyed them grabbed some platinums too not sure which I prefer yet. The cookie strains I tried were ocean beach, gerogia pie, medillin, and Collins Ave. My favorite high was from ocean beach my favorite tasting was medillin but I really enjoy gassy/diesel flavor. Georgia pie was awesome too and prolly smelled the best but the wasn't my favorite tasting or high. The prepacked ounces are nice too I tried kush mints. Good budget stuff nothing crazy

  19. I go to Michigan once a month and stock up on edibles. I usually just look at cheapest prices for the brand I’m looking for, usually $5-$10 for 100mg $15-$20 for 200mg. They have kiva and wana brands but I like choice chews and mkx a lot. Way less expensive and worth it to stock up on.

  20. Not bashing you, genuinely trying to get information as I'm a new patient. I read that crossing state lines is illegal even with a med card. Is this true? I don't wanna get pulled over and lose my money and medicine.

  21. You're also in plantylife lol. I recognize the pic!

  22. A Facebook group. Seeing how you don't recognize the name tho I'm guessing someone stole your pic lol

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