1. You're not supposed to be begging either. If someone wants to genuinely help you, then let them help you. But you shouldn't be exploiting yourself. There are enough people in the world that do that already.

  2. There's no way to make money without exploiting yourself. Every job is an exchange of yourself for money and is exploitation.

  3. You don't know how to cook for yourself indoors? There's a bigger problem here.

  4. It's best to partner with someone. Lots of tweekers hide out In bandos.

  5. Nope. I see lots of maps like these on Nextdoor. Karens have nothing to do all day.

  6. There’s one in Boulder that I’m going to try to get into

  7. If you could stay indoors for two more months it will be spring. It would be warmer and you wouldn't have to be somewhere unfamiliar to you.

  8. Did anyone get you any resources? I came in looking to help.

  9. I disagree. Most people could give a shit about your religious beliefs

  10. Try to find your way to a youth shelter. Have you searched for any in your area?

  11. If OP is offering to assist someone with food. The recipient doesn't have to be in Chicago. Just a heads up.

  12. There has been quite a few scammers posting on the sub in the past few weeks, so I'm not surprised. It usually happens around this time of year for some reason. Last year it was Philly Foot Pics and her boyfriend. She this sub for over $4000. Remember guys there is a reason for the policy here of sending money to people for a reason.

  13. We're well aware of him. He's a nut job. He got banned over here and started that sub out of spite. He took a few people with him in the process. Good riddens to all of em.

  14. Searched Google only to find transitional housing. Have you tried 211?

  15. The government sends you to their doctors before your hearing, not after.

  16. Now I just have to figure out how to officially get considered disabled.

  17. You have to get a doctor to sign off on what's called a "Med 9" form. On this form it will ask if the patient will be disabled more than 9 months. All the doctor has to do is check the box and sign their name. Almost any doctor in the homeless system will sign off on it. They all know what this form is.

  18. It's not realistic to just stay awake to fight homelessness. Get some gear and then get some rest.

  19. It’s pretty cold in NY right now, I can’t imagine not taking refuge in a stairwell now and then.

  20. Even though I “got mine,” I still want others to get theirs too, aka, a safe and warm place to rest. At the least, we all deserve that.

  21. They got theirs. They're smoking it right now.


  23. Once I saw 2 foot prints and 1 hoof print. A man with a cane from a taxidermist deer leg? A three legged deer with boots stuck on its feet? Who knows

  24. There are rabbits, raccoons, foxes, dogs, and cats that roam our camp. They are the only wild animals I've seen. If it's not a rabbit then I have no idea what it is. My bear spray is always close though.

  25. Nothing better than a cocaine party with rabbits.

  26. Theres not a lot of good news here and you pretty much summed it up yourself. It's the middle of the Winter so every shelter is going to be full. If you have friends to stay with, just stay there and don't get kicked out. A good plan b would be to head south. But it still gets cold at night. It's the worst time of the year to be homeless. My advice would be to stay indoors for a few more months.

  27. The only urgency I have to getting out is wondering how much more petty and hostile the environment would get. I’m anxious everytime someone comes home from work they’re gonna try to force me out. My roommate has not spoken to me and I’ve been blocked on Facebook. I’ve kept my head down for months, let people take things and use me just to keep them happy so I could stay there. I finally told someone no on something yesterday and here we are. Damn me for wanting some form of autonomy when you’ve been set up to completely rely on other people who end up not being trustworthy at all.

  28. No problem. I'm just passing along the kindness that was presented to me in my darkest times. Just because we're both in the same boat, doesn't mean I can't stop rowing and give you a hand if I see you falling over board.

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