1. I’m sorry a What with the boys? If it’s what I’m hoping it is, count me in.

  2. My favorite trans inclusive misogynistic joke is “Oh you’re pronouns are she/her? That explains why all of your jokes have been terrible.”

  3. Have you tried just, uh not killing yourself? It’s pretty easy

  4. I’d have the same reaction both ways. “What an absolute fucking moron.”

  5. Damn, and I thought I was a loser. Thank you op, this has really helped me realize that no matter how awkward, nerdy, and lonely I get, I’ll never be this.

  6. Idk why I just spent nearly 14 minutes of my life watching this, but I enjoyed it.

  7. That was terrible, no clue why people found it funny.

  8. “That was terrible, no clue why people found it funny.

  9. I’d love it if people would compliment people more, especially men. But like this? Naw I’d rather them just say a slur.

  10. I was very relieved when he at least unplugged it first.

  11. They turn into a deer in headlights or a blubbering idiot the moment there OWN BOOK is brought up as evidence for them being a dumbass.

  12. Tf you talking about? That’s a peeper and it’s going in the bioreactor. Or the fish tank.

  13. I love being able to relate to the characters in some of my favorite games.

  14. Damn, I just finished a Coke Vanilla Cherry like a minute ago. I’m gonna go get another one.

  15. Shoulda seen the place me and my grandad took my deer. There was an entire table off to the side of the dropoff that had at least 20 severed buck heads. I wish I took a picture of it. Shit was gnarly.

  16. Dont forget how they had Russian night time flight perfected

  17. Lest you also forget there flawless vision, undetected?

  18. I may have read wrong but isn’t Biden against the ban? I feel like I read that a few times.

  19. This video made me feel a lot more confident about my current size.

  20. Have you been looking at other men’s penises while at the gym?

  21. I could have thrown something together that looks exactly like that in a few minutes on Excel. How do people believe this?

  22. There’s this really cool thing called suicide. It’s not for everyone, but it’s sure as shit for this guy.

  23. Have they ever taken into account that I want to be submissive?

  24. I knew someone who used to sell used panties to strangers online.

  25. This had given me a great idea for a fairly easy side hustle.

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