1. It looks like more than just the peg was sliced off.

  2. The mouse is there because it wouldn't let me post without an image

  3. thanks! I’m good at using lighting to “sand” if you catch my drift lol XD.

  4. They did have a version of the old Hguc hyaku shiki with the mega launcher included.

  5. I didn't think about the colors being a dead giveaway. I just found it interesting that the entry grade had better details in areas. The entry was from target and the high is part of the starter kit shown in the background.

  6. Ya the American Type colors is a dead giveaway that it's an EG, and it's exclusive to Targets in the USA as part of the Gundam Breakers Battlelogue promo campaign.

  7. The ankle guards are missing on the feet.

  8. yeah but i think i was a bit optimistic back when i set that goal 😅

  9. As an adult working on getting at least 1 copy of the 1/144 scale amuro and char MS's, I wish you luck. It's cost me well over 500$ already xD.

  10. At the very least, the addition of Match History and Post Game Stats would be amazing for learning what went one during a match.

  11. Did you order a pair of nippers with your first kit? Or do you already have a cutting tool?

  12. Happy holidays everyone :)! Sorry for the bad lighting! Currently on vacation and decided to quick assemble an EG kit in the hotel. To my surprise, the Nu is very flexible. Some nit picks would be the ball socket limbs that pop out from time to time. The other would be the minimal accessories (no beam saber come on Bandai). I’d highly recommend it as a start up kit for posing. 4.25/5 :)

  13. Unless they ever release a full weapon set for the eg nu, the instructions basically encourage you to get the HG one just for the wing and beam effect parts.

  14. Ya, they adjusted the camera because of player feedback. After playing Sev for a while, I like the new camera angle for the rest of the heroes.

  15. Where did you get the neon line prints of the gundam and zaku?

  16. They are just Reddit Posts I printed out at a drug store, I think I can find the Posts if you’d like

  17. Ya, if you happen to find the post, I'd like to get a couple prints as well. If you can't find it, no worries.

  18. Looks like Char got that Cucuruz Doan Zaku treatment.

  19. Easiest way is to join the predecessor discord and join a voice channel or make a new one. Almost always get a random 5 man crew in ~5 minutes for NA region.

  20. Nice detailing on the crimson gouf to make it more Char like. I thought about doing the same, but I think i'm gonna go with recoloring a gouf revive at some point.

  21. Nice diorama. Would be awesome if you paired it with a battle damaged barbatos lupus swinging that big sword

  22. Did you delete your local copies from your computer? Did you try recovering them?

  23. You sure you used the correct polycaps? Some are pretty similar. If you do enough kits you sometimes end up with extras so you might be able to test swapping them out in the future

  24. the wrists on the zaku 2 revive are hard plastic and not polycaps. My wrists are loose, but dont fall out like OP is describing.

  25. wow even the fingers have LEDs?! What LEDs did you use and did you have to drill holes to route the wires?

  26. I still need to paint the beam rifle and bazooka. I want to make another claw for a second funnel and pose with the beam rifle!

  27. Where did you get those funnel effect parts? I really want to display my funnels for the hg hi nu as well.

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