1. First off how the fuck did you get a SWTOR Fury Interceptor- second off I have no idea

  2. I know this really isn’t an option but close enough to bi, but I’m pan

  3. I think it’s legit from the trailer for FNAF 1 and that’s why maybe

  4. Why can I hear Wrecker singing California girls 😭

  5. That clone showed he may not have cybernetic enhancements made to kill Jedi and battle, but he has a rocket launcher though

  6. It’s real name in Star Wars would be called a Z9 Rotary Cannon but in Lego I haven’t got a damn idea :/

  7. Wha- I am considering if that is uncomfortable or comfortable

  8. Oh fuck- I just read it and to be fair I shouldn’t be surprised but that’s just a suit

  9. Man I hate that Disney killed his menace I know George didn’t want Grievous to be that OP but c’mon he’s a muthafuckin’ alien cyborg warrior with four arms and has a lightsaber collection only matched by the amount of slaver huk he’s killed

  10. The Falcon is hell to build I built it and I regret loosing two and a half months of my life

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