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  1. Yes, though in regard to all his other life choices, the haircut is probably the least egregious of his decisions.

  2. 10-11 ABY wasn’t exactly a golden age for galactic fashion it seems.

  3. Yeah, when Palpatine came back rocking that all leather, high collar ensemble with metal wrapped arms and armor joints I think everyone went a bit too far copying it

  4. Are they really that fat? Damn. Also glad to see Leonia! Hope to see more of her!

  5. They were both described as 'poor physical specimens' in Despoilers of an Empire and referred to by other characters at different times on their weight, Isard called Kosh Teradoc, "That obese coward" in Bacta War, Harrsk and Pellaeon both comment on Treuten's obesity having become obscene as he'd "Tripled his own weight in a single year." in Darksaber. Kosh doesn't seem to have been anywhere near as obese as Treuten became but he was still stocky and pudgy.

  6. Gotcha! It’s been awhile since I’ve read darksaber and backs war and don’t remember if I’ve read or even heard of despoilers of an empire!

  7. lol well it's more about both of them wanting her and her playing them off against one another. It's implied that Treuten gave her Invidious to outdo Kosh for her favor...and then she eventually up and abandoned him when the Federated Teradoc Union started going downhill fast.

  8. This model will be used for the X Wing animation series and a mod for a Star Wars BF2 mod.

  9. I always appreciate artworks and models of lesser known EU ships.

  10. I would enjoy seeing that actor as Cronus since he did so well in Better Call Saul, but I had the artist base Cronus on Omar Sharif when he was younger.

  11. Depends how Ukitake's Ability interacts with Respira. Plus, he's got ridiculously high Spiritual Pressure so he might just be able to Neg the aging power and that's without taking Mimihagi into consideration which is literally the opposite force slowing Ukitake's disease down so that might even counter it since its the arm of the soul King

  12. True, though since Wunderweiss was able to injure Ukitake, I would imagine Barragan certainly could and the 'Spirit Pressure' negation isn't actually supported by anything in universe, that's a line from an illusion of Kyoka Suigetsu to Soi Fon. We see a lot of evidence to the contrary with weaker characters regularly wounding or even killing beings with much higher Rieatsu.

  13. We have no reason to doubt that statement, we also had Kenpachi vs Ichigo where Ichigo's Physical Strike was negated by the difference in their Reiatsu, and he mentions it directly that it was because of higher Spiritual Pressure, and both of those statements and feats line up.

  14. We do have a lot of reasons to doubt it, because Ichigo focuses his spirit pressure, not raise it to cut Kenpachi, we have Aizen taking damage from Urahara, Yoroichi, Isshin and Gin, all of whom are far below his spirit pressure level. We have Yamamoto taking surface damage from Overkill and getting scarred by Chojiro, both of whom are infinitely below his level.

  15. Totally looking forward to this. We need more content from the EU on-screen. I've dreamed for well over a decade of seeing the NJO make it to the screen. Would be some of the darkest sci-fi out there with light at the end of a very long tunnel.

  16. I do want to get more of the NJO visual. It's on the To Do list, just a ways off.

  17. Working with other fans on making a CGI series similar to what Darth Angelus is doing with his incredible Heir to the Empire animations. That's what the models have been moving toward. Once the proof of concept trailer drops there will be more information as it's still in the early WIP phase.

  18. personally I didn't find it to be. Operation Cinder seemed really contrived-not that the Emperor having such a plan is contrived, he would be that petty(and was in Legends) but that the Empire would just obligingly self immolate in a deliberate suicide rather than gradually through attrition and Warlordism to the point that the entire Empire collapsed in less than a year after Endor is just absurdly far fetched.

  19. The most powerful being aside from Chair Sama in the Bleach universe is clearly whatever that shirt material is made out of

  20. These warlords remind me of the caudios of Latin America or the Warlords of China.

  21. There's a good reason for that, those historical examples from our world absolutely influenced the creation of the Imperial Warlords.

  22. I’m taking eastern world history, and just finished Latin American history. But Trueten Teradoc reminds me of the cauldillo known as the “centaur of the plains” by the way he conducts himself. I don’t know his actual name, so could you care to refresh my memory?

  23. and there's some fascinating history in Latin America, particularly the Paraguayan War or War of the Triple Alliance as it is called.

  24. You could be right about his Injury and his psychological Trauma.

  25. Well for the most part the villains do get their comeuppance. The majority of them die violently or lose everything. Grant might have gotten to retire but he was also basically under house arrest for the rest of his life on his planet. Tavira and Tremayne vanished into the mists of time with their fates unknown, but by and large the main perpetrators of atrocities met with grisly ends.

  26. True for Rogriss and Saretti, but the Fel Family didn't had a real happy Ending i would say.

  27. Most of the Moffs were killed by Mandalorians, the few survivors were pardoned but gradually forced out of power and replaced under the Fel Dynasty with ones the Fel's trusted more.

  28. Night Caller's main hangar originally had the 4 TIEs. When the Wraiths took over, they moved the TIEs out to the escape pod ports, and stored 9 X-wings, S-foils overlapped, in the main hangar. The Lambda-class shuttle Narra and two more X-wings were described as being in the dorsal hangar along the top.

  29. The problem with that is the TIEs don't actually fit in the Escape pod ports. Even on larger models of CRs the pods aren't large enough to accommodate a TIE LN. Even if they are outside the hull with the pod's port being the pathway to the TIE cockpit, the wing pylons get in the way.

  30. So my understanding is that the TIEs did not dock in the escape pod ports, but they pressed their docking hatches to the escape pod ports. So the fighters are sticking out into space, but pilots can jump in.

  31. Yes, that was my initial idea too, but the TIE LN wing pylons would get in the way. You'd have to run tubes down out the ports and between the wings so that the TIEs would be hanging down far more than would be practical.

  32. Looks nice. I much prefer this to that one other official depiction of her. This is way more fitting

  33. Gonna be honest, skip the Luke parts(you'll only grow more frustrated) the Lando parts are fun, but they don't tie into the main story at all. Basically only the main storyline with the Yevetha is interesting but it's only 1/4 or less of the book.

  34. Your comment about Barragan's scars wouldn't have made sense.

  35. You forget that there was a time before Yamamoto had Zanka No Tachi. Not only that Barragan is far older than Yamamoto as he was already ruler of Hueco Mundo when Yamamoto was 'a young rising hero' that lost to Ikomikidomoe, a primordial Hollow that was considered an equal to Barragan, so Barragan was once stronger than Yamamoto, the difference was that Yamamoto got Zanka no Tachi and also spent the next thousands of years training and growing exponentially in power while Barragan basically sat on his throne and grew bored never exerting himself or doing anything to grow stronger.

  36. Not really it’s generally maintained throughout the story it’s just we don’t often see transcendent beings or reiatsu differences so massive abilities are just negated. And I mean it’s not that controversial to think that the espada who fought 4 captains who don’t grow stronger (so they are at the strength they have in TYBW even if they aren’t going all out) would therefore have comparable reiatsu to the sternritter. meanwhile Barraggan was outplayed by soi fon and hacchi two of the lower tier captain characters (still strong but definitely not on shunsui’s or ukitake’s level)

  37. Again, that's not actually true, Transcendent beings usually have hax of their own, they don't negate things based on Spirit Pressure. Yhwach has the Almighty which allows him to see and alter the future as he wishes, Aizen has the Hogyoku which makes him immortal, what made each of the Sternritters so strong wasn't their Spirit Pressure(most of them would be Captain level-strong but not something that could allow one to take on more than a Captain at one go), but their special hax abilities(as well as the amulet that could steal Bankai) Nobody in the series actually just cancels something out with just their spirit pressure.

  38. Those are galactic scale wars, all of them. We were never provided with a death toll for the NS wars, the Clone Wars or the Galactic Civil war. But all of tyem involved tens or hundereds of thousands of worlds, no less and possibly more than the Vong War, given that the Vong, as an outside force had far less numbers, which is proven by the fact that with gaining new territory they weren't able to coordinate their domain and deploy their forces around it all. But yes, the worlds that they did invade suffered greatly due to their brutal ways.

  39. I'd also like to say that the Vong War being larger in scope does not take away from the significance or the impact of those ancient wars. While smaller in scope(in terms of territory, combatants and for the most part destruction) they were no less devastating when taken in context with the smaller galactic population, limited technology and less explored or filled in Galaxy.

  40. I'll say this: Some galactic power causing the same level of destruction wouldn't wouldn't unite the others like the Vong. The most importang reason behind the Galaxy uniting against this common enemy was their foreign nature. For the people of the Galaxy it was the first large scale outside invasion. Nobody ever saw it comming. The very idea of such an attack was enough to spread fear. The core was reluctant to fight at first and that actually proves how exhausted they were after the conclusion of GCW. They didn't want to go to war again, it was the time for peace and rebuilding. That of course quickly changed when the invaders reached the core, which again, wouldn't be considered so scary if it was done by a native power.

  41. Again if you look at the maps of territory and conflicts(As seen in Essential Guide to Warfare) you notice that the New Sith Wars, the Mandalorian Invasions and pretty much all the conflicts before The Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War, Imperial Civil War and Yuuzhan Vong War are much smaller in area, scale and impact. While some of them take place over significantly longer periods of time than later conflicts, they're much more minor. Remember the Galactic Empire had twenty Oversectors it controlled that went into a free for all after Endor, you had the Ssi Ruuvi Invasions, the Yevethan Great Purge, the pacification of the Unknown Regions all of which were extremely destruction.(Though the Yevethan, Ssi Ruuk and Unknown Regions were more localized) The Pre Shadow Hand Campaign, Imperial Mutiny and Shadow Hand saw huge swaths of the galaxy reduced to ruins.

  42. Was not a fan of this comic retcon, where it's basically Dooku taking out a Space Craigslist ad and then meeting.

  43. No, Imperial Admiral that worked under Warlord Zsinj. He'd previously served Madam Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard, but upon her apparent demise, he'd gone rogue, likely self promoted himself and designed his own custom uniform before offering his services to Zsinj.

  44. Oh yeah he word for word brought over outbound flight's ending. It's a basic opinion but Zahn is my favorite of the EU authors. Love how he writes Thrawn

  45. I miss his older renditions of Thrawn where he's much more villainous. As time went on, Zahn made Thrawn evolve from authoritarian villain that was exceptionally talented but could make mistakes to infallible benevolent misunderstood good guy.

  46. I wouldn't say so. Some enjoy the post NJO, but I couldn't. I tried to get through The Swarm War trilogy and that was the first one I simply found myself actively fighting to read in its entirety, I found it very poorly written and a lot of contrivance, it felt extremely disconnected from all the character development and conclusions reached beforehand.

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