1. Here’s a wild idea… if you’re so poor you have to rely on someone else to feed your kids… don’t have fucking kids?

  2. Here's a wild idea: maybe don't make having children the luxury of the wealthy and make a better standard of living for all rather than engage in a sadistic kind of financial eugenics

  3. Nah, I feel like most republicans would be more likely to antagonize him for not shooting it down earlier rather than waiting so long but that’s just me.

  4. don't underestimate how contradictory the outrage machine can get

  5. I actually had a much, much lighter version of this... well sort of...

  6. No. I meant what I meant. Liberals love these hollow gestures without addressing the core issue. Leftists hate it because it's fucking tone deaf.

  7. their mentality is straight up "good=capitalism, bad=socialism"

  8. Does this work? Are there people who believe we should donate to our rich celebrity overlords?

  9. It works so well that folks have literally made a warped form of Christian religion around it.

  10. The goal of civilization at its core is to make life easier for everyone involved.

  11. clearly these folks want to omit that landlords can and do increase the rent regardless of their current income

  12. They spread that misinformation simply because they want trans people to die.

  13. do NOT put shampoo bottles up your ass. if any of the shampoo gets inside it will hurt like hell

  14. ah, but consider this: does the Wizard casting the spell know what they're doing when they fabricate a lens?

  15. note also that he's pushing the NPC narrative. A notoriously alienating worldview that treats other human beings as lifeless characters in a videogame, which is used extremely commonly by rightwing grifters.

  16. what makes you think they ain't gonna tap the ass of somebody of the same gender?

  17. Never said it wasn't, and never stated any opinion of mine. Stay in school kids!

  18. This is the same tactic as many a sketchy news rag: "I didn't say it. Someone else did. I'm just conveniently reporting on it."

  19. I did not say that. I said "there was talk of it" being a BLM fist* (I had to re-look to verify). And there was. If they were wrong, then they were wrong. I ain't trying to change anyone's opinion.

  20. I think its also that the UK and France have order of magnitude better social safety nets than the USA.

  21. when the prompts decide to keep the heritage inside the family line

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