1. First MR920 was purchased in Dec 19. It was a combat model with a black barrel. Changed the barrel to a bronze barrel about 1500 rounds in. Just broke the firing pin a month ago after 14k plus rounds. SS had me a new striker in three days

  2. First time I've read that about 115g ammo. Had an MR920 about 800-1000 rounds through it and i would constantly get light struck primers. Shadow systems sent me a full parts package i replaced everything and still had the same issue. Sold it and went back to ol reliable G19

  3. Maybe I'm missing it on the thread, who did your slide cut? Looking to get my p365 cut for an eps as well

  4. Is it cerakoted or true plastic fde like the 19x?

  5. Believe like the 19x. This is a factory color

  6. W that a level 40 reward isn't cosmetic

  7. New to myteam this year. Roughly how much does it cost to get a card graded

  8. Put offensive rebounds up and lower defensive a little. Defensive rebounds are always easier to get

  9. I'm looking for some chill, unselfish teammates as well. My gt is Han Solo Do1o if you wanna hmu

  10. I want to do this but with my luck I’ll have the worst game of my life, and then people will be like “never playing with that kid ever again” lol.

  11. Always down to run games bro. Casual gamer just looking for competitive teammates

  12. 97 ovr 6'3 pg 3 pt shot creator, casual gamer looking for ppl to play with too. Normally am on 5-11pm eastern

  13. 97 ovr 6'3 point guard 3 pt shot creator. Pass first Casual gamer with high iq. Always on any time between 5-11pm eastern

  14. Ordered the taxi today can’t wait 😛 first pair of Jordan’s for me

  15. Great choice. Quality is good on them. Bought for resell but after i got them in my hand no way I'm letting them go lol

  16. I was wondering the same. Me and 2 of my boys hit on SNKRS as well

  17. You think a Glock 19 would fit in that bag?

  18. 19 gen 5 for ccw easy choice. I carry mine about 355 days a year. The 10 other days are a p365 when I'm really not feeling carrying lol

  19. Surefire switch sucks too i think. Tlr 1 HL i think has the smoothest switch but i still rock an x300

  20. I recently switched from an exps2 to a T2 and haven't looked back. The weight and battery life are the main factors i originally switched. But after shooting i much prefer the single 2 MOA dot than the Eotech reticle

  21. Dang it. I’m sad to see all these bad stories with SS. I know I chose it cuz I wanted that “legendary glock reliability” but optics and suppressor ready, seemed like a good value. After break-in, I haven’t had any issues with my MR920 thankfully

  22. What kind of ammo you running through it? My biggest issue was light primer strikes. I was using blazer 115 and Winchester white box 115 and it didn't like that ammo at all it seemed

  23. I’ve tried CCI, PMC bronze, cheap reloads from freedom munitions (probably my most used range ammo).

  24. Got that also. I'll admit the ergonomics and the way the gun shoots feels better than a stock Glock but with the issues I've had it's left a bad taste in my mouth

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