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  1. De Bruyne had a shocker by his standards, not sure how he's waggled his way into this

  2. I checked bball reference's mvp list yesterday and he wasn't even on it lol. I don't understand their formula at all.

  3. They calculate the average games played/team and if someone hasn't played more than 2/3 of that figure they're not eligible e.g. avg games played 4.8 w/ Giannis having played 3 games at the time-> not eligible.

  4. Anyone else see the reports that big money will be available in Jan to strengthen the squad? The timing of the WC could actually be favourable. Only 9 more games until the break (5PL, 3 EL, 1 League Cup). If we're still top of the league by then, adding a quality CDM and/or winger with ESR returning could help us hit the ground running when football returns.

  5. There's a 20% chance that city have an injury crisis or some other internal crisis. And if they do barring a liverpool resurgence your the most likely to win it.

  6. Yeah this is how I'm looking at it too. Arsenal are likely a 70-90 point team while City are more like an 85-105 point team. Injuries and luck are involved in every team's results every year, it's improbable but City might have a worst possible season while a team like Arsenal has the stars align.

  7. Newcastle have been one of the top 3-5 teams this season by most metrics, interested to see if they can take points off United this weekend.

  8. This team is better than at least 20 of the teams in UCL imo, absolute shame that we're not in it.

  9. Calls for opex run up sell em pre split then calls for post split run up on the new chain

  10. There won't be meaningful liquidity issues for pre-split further dated options due to how the options chain is handling the split (1 contract-> 4 contracts at 1/4 strike price rather than 1 contract-> 1 contract representing 400 shares)

  11. May be misremembering but I swear media sentiment generally turns bullish prior to OPEX runs. Price improvement is then attributed to retail fervour etc rather than the cyclical clearing of ETF obligations which is pathognomonic of a large hidden short position.

  12. 'If our stockholders approve this proposal at the annual meeting, we intend to file a corresponding Certificate of Amendment to our Existing Charter

  13. One possibility: the exec purchasing window typically opens after each earnings for two wks

  14. Language surrounding the stock dividend in the filing said that the stock dividend would be distributed as 'soonest as is practicable' . We know that there is a minimum 10 calendar days between the announcement date and the dividend date (was 20 day period for Tesla in August 2020).

  15. I would expect they strongly feel a Breakthrough Therapy Designation is on the way and obviously these market corrections dont last forever. Before you know it the market will be pushing all time highs again in a year or so and they receive B.T.D we should be in great shape again

  16. Awesome! Does this mean that the FDA might look at fast-tracking this treatment now?

  17. Efficacy is significantly better than any marketed drugs for GAD, which should be enough to get FDA breakthrough therapy designation (would recommend looking at the criteria for this on the FDA website).

  18. poverty franchise + cp0 rings tax + his name is literally cp LMAO + kardashian tax + luka better + ratio

  19. Thanasis shot him from the grassy bench

  20. 65% clinically significant improvement in anxiety for LSD group vs 9% for placebo.

  21. Outstanding results. Ignore current SP. This sector is set to explode with a longer term time horizon.

  22. Generalised anxiety disorder affects 3% of the US population and existing treatment has poor efficacy. Couldn't agree more with the bullishness on future outlook. Multiple multi-billion dollar/year compounds.

  23. 65% clinically significant response in LSD group vs 9% in placebo group. That is really strong! At worst we won't see a price increase from this, but this kind of efficacy could get breakthrough therapy designation down the track. Long term outlook is bright indeed.

  24. Several studies prior to this have demonstrated LSD's ability to effectively attenuate anxiety so I can't imagine results here won't be positive. Looking forward to this.

  25. Highly recommend reading up on triple network theory and how the default mode network is implicated in the pathogenesis of anxiety. Default mode network inhibition is proposed to be one of the most significant therapeutic mechanisms of LSD in treating mood disorders.

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