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  1. When I first started I got the Hoyt hyper force on Black Friday and it was on a huge sale because the new bows came out that year. I spend about $700 on the bow and left about $1200 all in buying everything separately (sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, release and quiver. I could have gotten the Hoyt power max for about $650 with everything but the release included. Both bows are capable of putting down an animal. First you need to go in and figure out your draw length and pull some bows back fr different brands and see what feels good. I personally went in wanting a Mathew’s because that’s what my grandpa shoots and swears by. I left with a Hoyt because the grip felt better for me.

  2. Pray to 6lb 8oz baby jesus you don't hit it in there. Or you can just aim directly at it, most likely won't hit it.

  3. Damn… shaun white or Tony hawk, no Brett Favre, Anderson Silva, usman!?

  4. Haha Brett Favre? He’s not even the best quarterback from the packers.

  5. He was at the time. Hall of fame?? why is that statement questionable?

  6. Just snagged some for free with the rewards I had from REI, DUCK YEA!!! Thank god I signed up for the lifetime membership, had no clue I had rewards. Love this sub

  7. Glad you found out but how exactly did you join as a member without knowing about dividends? That’s like the main selling point lol

  8. Mom bought me a membership for my bday, I bought 3 hunting knives for myself and a couple friends who got me into it and never logged into the portal. Reset the password today and BLAMMMO, $45 credit. I’ll now be shopping way more with REI.

  9. She does not support late term abortions

  10. I don't get it, are you referring to the eagle attacking the baby chicks?

  11. I made a terrible mistake, I assumed the gender of the eagle

  12. Ahhh the rare pistachio buck.. you haven’t seen one before? Rookie

  13. It's your day buddy! Get outside and enjoy some nature, a nice walk it the park always cheers me up.

  14. This would go in my mind vault as a hole in one. And my soul would leave my body when I saw that.

  15. Simple answer, anything Kirkland is gold. Drink the kool aid or turn in your Costco card.

  16. I’ve been curious how reliable range finder adjusted yardage works. You can hit a knock down 7 iron 140 yards or a moon ball PW the same distance. Total yardage depends on flight pattern no? So what flight pattern does the range finder assume you have?

  17. Sooooo…. What club you hitting guy? This doesn’t have to turn into a math argument. Simple question. WHAT CLUB YOU HITTING!?

  18. When people chew with their mouths open. Especially when it’s someone chewing gum who is sitting next to you at work.

  19. Biggest thing you need to do is grab a pen and deflate ALL the air out of the tube before putting it in. That way you can line up the rims and screw them down enough while not pinching the tube. It was time consuming making sure it’s not pinched

  20. Interesting, I’ve seen two posts say those exact tubes don’t work…maybe just a pain to install. Also many installation videos I’ve watched say you should inflate them a bit before to avoid pinching. Not to say your advice is wrong

  21. Not sure man, worked for me. God speed

  22. Wtf? That’s a very obvious answer man

  23. This putter is destroyed. Send it to me and I’ll pay you $5 rather than throwing it in the dumpster. No way you can drain putts with that thing.

  24. crazy how puberty blockers and hrt are cool when used by cis ppl

  25. There ia nothing harming them though this person already proved it. Your argument literally has no foundation.

  26. I was wrong when I said they give kids hormone therapy apparently, I apologize. Chemically stopping a child from going through puberty though is an amazing idea. I’m glad the FDA approved that.

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