1. They would be in different rooms ofc, and they would be introduced to each other if things suit them, only then the situation would proceed.

  2. Going through the same thing and it’s been nine days since I submitted my passport. Your visa should arrive within one-two weeks.

  3. Just like any country, it's incredibly difficult to find work in this field. What it boils down to is if theres a low entry barrier for a job then you're going to have a lot of competition.

  4. That’s scary, I’m going there for my higher education. Do you know anyone who’s working in this field?

  5. I tried to get in. Met alot of people during interviews etc it's not good. I'd stay far away. You'll just spend more time and money on retraining.

  6. Can I please get the link for the WhatsApp group? I too am experiencing this 221g situation right now. I had my interview today.

  7. It’s probably smarter to consult the department that sent you the letter before consulting Reddit.

  8. Shoot, I had a more detailed response written out and then it got deleted :/

  9. Hey, oh my god! This information is very very helpful! I have a few more questions, I’ll ping you!

  10. Thankyou! Don’t worry, they have a good acceptance rate, let me know if you get in! All the best :)

  11. Still haven't received mine. I'm getting worried now :( where else did you apply??

  12. Oh dang, i hope you get it soon! Applied in kingston and cal state uni. Wby?

  13. I think Uk would be easier for you

  14. I’m applying for my masters in illustration, have been accepted at kingston university. Applied for the same program in MICA too, i have read things about both these countries. I will get a two year extension if i study from UK, and it’s 90 days after study in US (for finding a job). What i mean by beneficial is, which country allows international students to stay and work for a while? Which process is more convened? How’s the overall job scenario in the art field?

  15. Hi, you're better off asking this question elsewhere.

  16. My clingy self after my crush tries to get rid of me

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