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  1. Imagine how many people would kill themselves if all cats and dogs died. The hole that would leave in a lot of people’s lives would be devastating.

  2. Not even just that. Lions are cats. Wolves are dogs. The damage to the eco system would be devastating.

  3. Part 7: the hot chick I started seeing is actually a princess of a small European country and wants me to move overseas with her and become part of the royal family

  4. Why is someone that’s running a threat? what’s wrong with them getting away and getting a description and putting a warrant out? how come they don’t have any non lethal shootings like in the arm or leg?

  5. Perforating the brachial artery (in the arm) or the femoral artery (in the leg) will kill you pretty fast.

  6. I’m gonna get downvoted but whatever. So…why not make sure you have insurance before they’re born? I agree that healthcare in this country is a scam, but you’ve also got nine whole months to sort all that shit out. There are free/low cost state insurance options. There are low cost plans on the marketplace. It just seems a little dumb to not make sure that’s sorted before you go and have triplets.

  7. Lol look at this guy who thinks insurance covers everything

  8. I pissed my pants once when I was really drunk.

  9. The person I hate the most is me, so now I have $1,000!

  10. My is located in front of a window in my base so I’ll put my on the window sill and play (stand up comedy usually) to watch as I complete the task.

  11. A visual indicator alone isn't enough to make them sexual, generally speaking. The organ or characteristic has to have a function. Maybe you haven't had much sexual experience or something. 🤷‍♀️

  12. You can keep arguing if you want but this subject is what I did my thesis on. I'm giving my opinion to the OP. Why don't you also do that rather than just harassing other people who posted their •requested• opinion?

  13. I was just trying to understand. My mistake for asking questions

  14. Whoever owns it probably. A lot of jails are privately owned.

  15. He wanted to get married and I didn’t.

  16. He is going to try and talk to his brother. The plans for the wedding are up in the air. I'm anxious as I don't know what is going on.

  17. Of course he’s going to try and talk to his brother.

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