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  • By - tnk-

  1. The only thing that Vader was vurnable was lighting as during his assassination of Palpatine, Vader/Anakin just went weak. So weak that it is impossible to just repair his suit.

  2. Yup, Palpatine made Vaders suit espicially weak to force lighting for that exact reason, if he ever needed to take Vader out himself. And Vaders armor was purposefuly made "underpowered" to what powers it could have for the exact same reason again, if Palpatine had to take Vader out.

  3. Definetely more pics of you smiling and some gifs using your fingers wouldnt be bad ig

  4. Why tf yall care what someone looks like if they are legally adults? This ia coming from an 18 yo

  5. I don't know man, they look dangerously tasty.

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