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  1. Freshman and Sophomore year I used COTA (our city bus transit) and the Ohio State busses quite a bit and took me everywhere I needed to go easily!

  2. I’ve had a lot of success with some Luster Live Resin pods. Ik you’ve tried Klutch (love their LR), might be worth trying Butterfly Effects. Sometimes price is similar to Klutch, but I can usually find it cheaper on deal somewhere. I usually go for the Triple Choc chip by them. Buckeye Relief just launched some LR lusters I haven’t tried yet, but usually love their LR

  3. This looks great. Been meaning to try a different cultivators animal mints. Have you tried POW’s? What’s the comparison like for effects?

  4. I’m on the other side of town and this will probably still be worth the drive for the deals

  5. The mom doesn’t “die.” They have lots of moms and constantly produce more.

  6. I’m referring to the natural process of mother plants decreasing and decreasing in potency over time, thus cultivators retiring the strain from their roster.

  7. Not for nothing, but Klutch's I.C.C. never contained myrcene as a primary, as w/the majority of its phenotypes throughout our nation. Most likely the reason Certified crossed it w/kush mints, to bring up them myrcene levels regular ICC lacks --- they call it Certified Ice Cream. Just one reason why I've never cared for ICC, cuz I'm a myrcene junkie. I prefer caryophyllene second, as it aids the bio-availability of myrcene passing through our brain's membrane.

  8. And do you have any recs for the lose heavy Myrcene strains??

  9. Hey friend- deal with the same stuff this way, although I’ve realized sticking away from terpinolene and omnicene helps with the anxiety and depression.

  10. Currently EPBC (Galenas), Banana MAC (WW) and Truffletini (Certified). I'm a fan of strains highest in limonene, any suggestions?

  11. Lemon Dosidos by BR & White Truffle by Klutch are some of my favs for Limonene

  12. The luster pods/battery are a pretty big hit for me. I use pretty much exclusively live resin from Klutch & One Orijin

  13. A few summers ago I was having psychotic symptoms that made me feel surrounding but a swarm of bugs when walking outside.

  14. Queens Mustache, Slurricane, and Strawberry Cheesecake were all hits for me

  15. Not worth it for either 💀 I’d say stick with your favs

  16. I was a big fan of this one. Certified has had some really interesting flower coming out recently

  17. Haven’t tried this one yet. Big fan of Wonka Bar & Problem Child

  18. Some favs: One Orijin (esp the Farkas collabs) & Klutch. Excited to try the new BR ones

  19. Usually my go to dispensary in Columbus (although I shop at all!) I’d say 70% of the time it’s great, 30% not so much. Usually depending on wait times and who my budtender is

  20. Strawberry Fields used to but now I think the only one that does all the time is Amplify

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