1. I’d love one so much right now. Rough day.

  2. I’d happily receive one. Hope you don’t mind guy moaners.

  3. Asking Joey if he did DMT is like asking someone if they are currently breathing air.

  4. I want to know what companies used it so I can eat there.

  5. I pray for the woman who gives him oral. You know he’s gonna do the same thing to her head

  6. Given that Tolkien was a devout Christian, it’s pretty safe to assume that maiar and balrogs are direct parallels to angels and demons

  7. Especially since the wizards in middle earth are actually angelic beings in its lore. They are Maiar just in human form. Strange to think that the Balrog and Gandalf are just good and evil of the same beings.

  8. I slept with my best friend and was almost a dad. It ruined our friendship that was the disaster part

  9. It may not blow you away but it is fun. Most good games are still being sold for at least $50 if from a business and not a private person.

  10. Yeah it looks like a good system for rpg games My main wants will be Any Mario’s Any Zelda a Any Pokémon’s Smash Bros Dragon ball games I think these are ds no 3ds Any fighting games including any wrestling or mma ones or boxing And any skateboarding games if they made any

  11. You can get Orcarina of Time and Majora’s mask. Heard that the Majora’s mask is a bad remake as they made a lot of changes but I never got to play the original.

  12. Give him all the pills in your house so he will eventually die of an overdose. Make him wash it down with a a few full bottles of whiskey to cause alcohol poisoning. Then as soon as he’s done drinking slit both his wrists to cause him to start to bleed to death. Strap a stick of dynamite on his chest but don’t light the wick and put a nose around his neck. Move him close to a cliff and pour gasoline on him and light him on fire. Then when he’s on fire shoot him in the head. That will make him fall off the cliff and the noose will hang him. The fire on him will then explode the dynamite blowing him to pieces. Then the rope will burn causing his remains to fall the remaining lethal height.

  13. Abortion. They wrecked it so bad they can’t even get it done legally anymore in the states.

  14. I still feel like the 90s was just a few years ago.

  15. They still had the STIs they just died and contracted them more because of lack of protection. We actually got syphilis in euro after Spain started to come into contact with native Americans.

  16. My genitals are like Viridian Forest. Full of bug type Pokémon for you to catch.

  17. Those are great I have one it feels pretty real. I also had the Sasha grey pocket pussy but it started to rip after a couple uses.

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