This is the book my creepy grampa gave me as a "gift"

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Are you being serious right now?

  1. I was wondering the same thing... If they have all other parts, what would be the challenges of separation...

  2. I think the issue is that they have one rectum. It would be really hard to separate because then you have to recreate a rectum for both, and that isn’t really possible. Maybe nowadays they could reroute both to having colostomy bags but they were born in the 50s so it likely wasn’t possible then.

  3. This user has some interesting and partially valid perspective but his conclusion is puzzling. Is it not the absent father that "created" Andrew Tate, not the woman?

  4. Men like this will blame women for choosing to sleep with ‘deadbeats’. They rationalize that while the men are shitty for leaving they were always going to be deadbeats so it’s actually on the women for not noticing the obvious red flags. They don’t believe that men can act supportive and good until a baby accidentally happens or act nice until the ring is on her finger and she’s pregnant, then reveal their true self.

  5. I hate men because they don’t like to talk about themselves and their problems.

  6. You are spot on and it’s really sad to see. As mental illnesses are getting more and more ‘accepted’, those who don’t present with a socially acceptable form of it are getting blamed and shunned. In a weird way, it’s making these disorders seem a lot less life altering and difficult than they actually are.

  7. They get together at 24 and 31. It’s a bit of a gap, but not so bad that you need to side eye people who romance Tali. Some players feel like she acts too young, and that’s fine you don’t need to romance her. But I don’t think it’s creepy or anything. Plus a lot of times people don’t think about character ages in games and as long as they are all adults I wouldn’t judge someone for pursuing a love interest. You can make Shepard look pretty young if you want, and head canon them younger.

  8. I'd really like to know what happened to James Jones. He has been through it... Wonder if he has any existing family. I really feel for him, damn.

  9. These were guys who likely fought in WW1, the most horrific war for soldiers. Most almost certainly have PTSD.

  10. When I was a little kid, I played a game called Wild Arms for the PS1. Throughout the game they mention the demon race. Eventually, I got frustrated and asked my older sister (who had already beat the game) when the demons would race.

  11. That New England is a region, not a state. New Mexico is a state, New Jersey and New York are states. I knew that the Atlantic Northeast was all called New England but I thought it was like the how the Oregon Territory is the state of Oregon plus its neighbors. Plus they have a football team so come on.

  12. I did something like this. Early 20s, a friend says she’s visiting family in New England. I told her “I didn’t know you had family out of the country?!”

  13. I only wear 6 star items- not to show off, but because those are what pop up first and I’ll be damned if I’m going to scroll through 300 dresses to get to the 3 stars lol

  14. If he’s not doing it out of frustration, it may be sensory? You could try redirecting to a chewie and stating ‘we bite this not mommy’ when he does, then place the chewie in his hands. Does he bite other things or just people?

  15. Look, I’m not saying that it was bad I learned it and I don’t regret learning it. But I can’t think of a time I actually needed to know the parts of a cell. Ribosomes just don’t come up in my life. Maybe I’m less gullible around pseudocures?

  16. For real lol. I’m from South America and for my surgery I also just had local anesthesia injected into my gums. After the surgery, the dentists sutured the holes shut and gave me some gauze to bite on for any bleeding. My face was still numb after the surgery and I could safely drive myself home.

  17. Most people in the US don’t go fully under for wisdom teeth, I didn’t. But my older sister had to because hers were so impacted they would have to chisel them out in bits after breaking it up and said it was unpleasant enough that it was easier to just go under lol. Maybe this girl also had super impacted teeth.

  18. The median age of giving birth in the US is now at 30. So clearly it can’t be that hard.

  19. I would think it’s because drugs are used to drown out and numb people to suffering, pain, trauma. It offers an escape. To take shelter and get clean means they would have to do a lot of introspection. Then there is the problem of probably not having the life skills needed to fit into society. Like keeping a job, building credit etc.

  20. My older sister is someone who would be homeless if my parents didn’t let her live with them and care for her. She has bipolar and has been steadily getting worse. And this is despite my parents getting her tons of psychiatric help, therapy, medicine, you name it. She worked for a few years but eventually couldn’t handle even the lowest stress jobs without having having massive breakdowns and delusional episodes.

  21. Imagine going back in time to when the internet was first being thought of, and scientists were hopeful it would be a new era of human enlightenment and education. Then you show them this video and they realize this is what the internet will be.

  22. Noooo I was hoping the bunny backpacks would be ‘wings’ :(

  23. It sounds like your family is in crisis and needs to look for resources! Look into OT therapy for your son, as well as respite care. There is also child behavioral therapy (that’s not ABA) and they can help you make a behavior plan. You could even contact social workers to help lead you to relevant resources.

  24. If he’s avoiding head banging on soft surfaces because he’s looking for a stronger sensation, you could try introducing head squeezes. Some of the kids I work with love them and ask for them by bringing my hands to their head. It sounds weird, but you literally just put your hands on either side of the head (I do forehead and back of head) then firmly and gently squeeze together. If he likes it when he’s calm, you can try introducing it as a calming strategy for tantrums once he’s used to it. Try adding more deep pressure to his routine overall- body squeezes, making a ‘sandwich’ by pressing a pillow on top of him (just avoid the head!) or do joint compressions.

  25. I’m an OTA, I haven’t ran a developmental group since school but I may be able to help! For engagement, I would try to make activities and games vs a standard class lecture. Did parents specify what concerns they had about masturbation? I remember it was fairly common for the autistic teens I saw to have trouble knowing when they were allowed to touch their genitals, so maybe a little quiz type thing about when it’s appropriate? Depending on their developmental level, you could have ‘races’ where they have to grab the right answer from multiple options taped to a wall or let them create ‘relationship’ boards through cutting out magazine pictures and glueing them onto a poster to represent what they want in a relationship.

  26. Humans have often breastfed animals throughout history, but we don’t really need to anymore. It couldn’t be that hard to buy some goat formula from a farm store and give it to the baby goat in a bottle. They didn’t even check if human milk is OK for goats. If it could choke nursing from a bottle it could choke nursing from a nipple. Plus, you now have to be paranoid you didn’t disinfect your nipples well enough before feeding your child.

  27. They are trying to obfuscate the true amount it will cost to get the wings, which means they will be way more than most people will want to spend. If the wings were a reasonable $5 or something, they’d just have a ‘buy it now’ option for $5. The only times they try to hide the price behind tokens/shards/etc is if it would make most people balk.

  28. I’ve been told by so many people not to call it a disability but like it is??? It makes it harder to function and do things normally if that’s not the definition of a disability idk what is

  29. Omg are people really arguing autism is not a disability now? I work with kids with disabilities, a lot of whom have autism and some will absolutely never live independently. One of my coworkers even used to work in what was essentially an institution for older teens and young adults with autism, and they were never allowed to leave the premises without careful supervision. She said it was hell, and has PTSD from her work there because incidents of getting attacked were common. Most were sent there by their parents because their children had put them in the hospital and they could no longer handle them.

  30. But did you get stuck under a desk? That’s a crucial part of it.

  31. It’s ok, everyone wonders about it. Sex is such an intimate act between usually two people that should have full consent, and a situation like this makes the former impossible and the later difficult. Since they share a vagina, we can deduce that any sex they have is somewhat shared between the two. They can undoubtedly both feel it. I’m sure they’ve had to agree that the one who isn’t in a relationship with the guy has to tune out as best they can to keep things from getting even weirder than they already are.

  32. So, can anyone give me the condensed version of how pleasure and sensations work in this case? Is it equally distributed (e.g., orgasm feels exactly the same to both) or is it possible Abby is a highly orgasmic squirter and Brittany can take it or leave it? If a toe is stubbed is Brittany hating it and Abby shakes it off as nothing major?

  33. They share one set of genitals so either both feel it or neither of them do. I’m sure the orgasm is the same between them, and sex feels the same to both. Although since they have two separate brains, maybe one can be horny and the other not? I know they both control one arm and leg, but I’m not sure if they have sensation on both sides.

  34. Going along the list, thinking that some of these aren’t bad on paper but may not play out well in real life…

  35. He’s a conspiracy nut, and some of them believe that drinking your urine has curative powers and will prevent you from needing modern medicine. It’s disgusting but they are actually out there, chugging their own piss 🤢

  36. The best is when they want exactly what you’re describing so they can….. sit and play video games.

  37. The ‘book’ even jokes about man children, but it seems like tradwives appeal mostly to the type of guys who had mommy do everything for them and want to find a new mommy as an adult so they don’t have to do hard grownup things.

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