1. Well, I'm sure you fought him off before he managed to subdue and rape you. Right?

  2. Let's. I have a pretty good guess who's getting hogtied

  3. At the moment you really don't look like a strong independent boss lady, do you 🤔?

  4. Keep them on if you want, your call. Those panties however are getting ripped off you in a few seconds

  5. Me! I'll have you trussed up and ballgagged in no time 🙂

  6. Damn, raping a strong and muscular woman like you would be quite a treat!

  7. Normally I wouldn't. But you're the exception.

  8. Sure, why not. We can sit on the couch and watch a movie, I'm 99% sure I won't pounce on you and rip off your clothes.

  9. No, you don't look like somebody who would fight back. Quite the opposite. You look like someone who would get on all fours as soon as somebody firmly told you to do so.

  10. About 20 minutes later, I leave the room whistling happily. You on the other hand are still lying on the floor recovering from your ordeal, with your ass full of handprints and your panties stuffed in your mouth.

  11. Delightful outfit! I'd drag you in an empty conference room and rape you on the table multiple times.

  12. If I kidnap you, I'll put you to work. Rent your ass out. You'd make me a pretty penny.

  13. In the state that she's in, she'd be easy to grab and firmly lead to a more secluded place for some activities. Maybe call some buddies to come join us...

  14. The net is tightening around you all the time. It's only a matter of time until you unknowingly bump into a predator who recognizes you, and after that he will follow you home, and you're done.

  15. They definitely do. Such a vulnerable, defenseless prey you are.

  16. The way you we're acting at the bar, it's no wonder that you ended up with your face down and ass up.

  17. Damn, I'd push you on your stomach and pound your ass like a lunatic.

  18. She was probably just grasping at straws to find some excuse not to go on a date.

  19. I would manipulate you into a situation where you're alone with me. After that I wouldn't need to manipulate anymore: I would just pounce on you, rip your clothes and pound you forcefully.

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