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  2. So I have 300 sparks and I'm not quite sure which character to get with those? Is there any character from those that are currently sparkable that I definitely should get?

  3. that's really hard to say without knowing who you have

  4. Sorry, I tend to ask very general questions a lot. I guess it really depends on all the characters I have? I'm not playing gbf as much as I used to, so I wasn't sure if there is character you just need to have

  5. I remember playing this event but I didn't try particularly hard. Got my point reward (which was Kotori, I believe) and I was satisfied.

  6. That legendary Umi event actually was my first (or one or my first) token event. I still remember that I had limited WiFi back then, so I only could play two hours a day and I tried to keep up somehow... It did not work, of course.

  7. If there are no objections, I would be happy to take over the FaF threads. I think they are a valuable resource.

  8. I´d be happy if you would take over because I´d know the FaF threads would be in good hands.

  9. Am I the only one that still has the game under manteinance?

  10. I felt stupid because I didn't realize how the thing worked. Finally figured out you only have to hit the that's it button and you get points. I literally screwed myself because I'm dumb, rip.

  11. If you have enough erasers, you still most likely can do it though.

  12. Does anyone have experiences with playing SIF on the honor 8x? A friend had it leftover and offered to give it to me but I first wanted to check if it´s known for causing glitches during live shows or anything else.

  13. Thanks for the calculation! It seems like I missed 3 tickets along the way ;;

  14. I already have Summer Scathach at level 80 with NP 5, is it actually worth playing the event again?

  15. The event still has several materials in the shops, as well as 4 lores.

  16. Ah, right, I didn´t have that on my mind. Thanks for the reminder.

  17. So, I somehow ended up getting 2 Maries (she´s NP 4 now which I don't mind since I like Marie), Suzuka (who is NP2 now) and Nitrocis (also NP2 now).

  18. What should I do with all my SR weapons? I do have a couple of SSR weapons for each element but most of them are level 40.

  19. If they're farmable weapons, use them to raise weapon skills. If they're gacha weapons, stash them until you need weapon stones.

  20. Pretty much every girl has an alternative hairstyle here and it's so beautiful ;w;

  21. This new set is so pretty??? I absolutely adore the outfits and it feels like an increase in quality? ;;

  22. I'm totally stuck with the last fight at chapter 61, specifically the fight with Mithra. The refresh skill is really annoying and idk how to deal with it. Any advice?

  23. Does Mithra only refresh once? I know in the raid at least it only restores its health bar to full when it first reaches below a certain point. Can't quite remember if story Mithra does though

  24. No, Mithra keeps refreshing unless you remove the buffs or defeat it. The health bar doesn´t get fully restored, so its doable with a strong team [or the ATK/health buff]

  25. You can always request one in the My Room menu and you should always have one. There's no excuse to not constantly having a working recovery code. Anything can happen any time.

  26. I know and I saved one but I´m not sure if it´s the current one. The problem is that I can´t access the game at all and I don´t want to risk anything.

  27. Hiya, friendly neighborhood mod here. If it would make things easier on you, we would be happy to take over the FaF thread -- we could easily configure AutoMod to automatically create them on a regular basis, just like it does with the Q&A and Free Talk threads. Let us know if this sounds good to you.

  28. Hi, that´s a really nice offer but I´d rather keep doing these myself since it´s my only connection to this community at this point because I´m not very active here anymore. wow, this turned out kinda dramatic

  29. For the BB event, I'm a bit lost. Are there any specific missions I need to clear to play the free Nursery Rhyme/Mordred quests? I cant find them anywhere.

  30. What about doing them seasonal instead? like 4 per year, it should be easier to update like that.

  31. That might be easier but I think that 4 times a year isn´t enough. Thanks for the suggestion though, I´ll definitely consider something like that!

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