1. i havent played remake and its been a while since i played the original (i actually didnt finish it lol)

  2. Even calling it it’s status as a sequel is a spoiler but it’s true lol it’s very Nomura.

  3. Enjoy FFVII Remake! I’d suggest if you enjoy the start maybe play the original first then come back to it. But up to you!

  4. Nah watch it if you like lovecraft. It’s a critique of racism too. With love craft in it.

  5. All in all a competent sequel to the original. Perfect, not at all. But it was fine. Good to have the cast back. However the musical number wasn’t as great as it should have been. Not as good as I Put A Spell On You.

  6. Excellent roster. Personally I’d prefer a Super Smash Kart with like a ton of Mario and other characters. Thankfully kart characters are much easier to program than smash characters

  7. I’ve been on edge for about a year. Much less memory intensive and I like it a lot better. Firefox is great too

  8. This is a wonderful post and very original. Thank you for sharing it. Will be reading this for a long time!

  9. Another fun fact: some artificial sweeteners are sold in pill form as laxatives .

  10. Are we sure Russia did this ? US has opposed Nordstream 2 pipeline and tried to block it for a while now. Russia wants to sell gas, US wants pipeline gone.

  11. Your English is bad. Sure it means nothing. Thanks for the Russian talking points, totally organic source.

  12. True crime shit is so faux paux to me. They don’t make movies where hitler is the main character for a reason.

  13. This is a cute Pokémon. Curious what the evolution will be, if it’s a riff on dugtrio

  14. Thats hilarious...talking about a guys cake on your own cake day

  15. I can't even think of any other Dracula movies... Though I did read the book. 'Untold' wasn't an adaptation. I watched the first episode of the BBC series that came out some years ago but was a bit underwhelmed

  16. It’s selfish, but I don’t really care if From are successful. I just want them to make something that isn’t a souls like a again. Their output up to Demons Souls was so much better than their output after Demons souls imo, entirely because you had no clue what they were going to do next. Echo Night, Kings Field, Armoured Core, Shadow Tower, Otogi, Enchanted Arms, Evergrace, Lost Kingdoms etc etc etc. I mean fuck, the did JRPGS, card based rpgs, narrative adventures, Proto-souls, mech fighters. So fucking much. All that variety gone forever because one dev can’t stop iterating on the same game type anymore. I will never forgive the Souls series for greatly diminishing the amount of creativity and intrigue in the AA Japan development space.

  17. Oh my god. From soft made enchanted arms?! I never got to play it because I was poor but I remember seeing that and NEEDING a new console to play it (I never got a new console until years later)

  18. A new donkey Kong, or new 2D or 3D Mario games. Metroid prime 4 eventually. Maybe a Zelda HD port or a 2D remake. Maybe Samus returns port or other 3DS games. Kid Icarus?

  19. Poor girl ! She and Tommen are really tragic characters, being innocent victims of their forbidden parentage and of the cruel games of power and vengeance in the middle of which they were born.

  20. Also technically she now wears a gold Shaw to hide her face. So that could be a tricky work around the fortune

  21. Why is TikTok allowed in the US? India was smart in banning it.

  22. Because there is no method of banning services in america unless they do illegal things.

  23. It’s not mass espionage. People use the service willingly. Americans are allowed to give data away. If you want to pass more protective laws that overrule peoples will that’s fine, it’s just not a thing.

  24. Still he's playing up to racist bullshit and treating immigrants poorly, that is not a good look for a state with a lot of Hispanic immigrants who vote. I'm sure all the Cuban and Hispanic descent immigrants in Florida can put themselves or their family in the same shoes of those people he fucked over and they will hate him for it. What ever are Republicans to do if their racism and anti abortion rhetoric starts working against them? Might they actually have to resort to running on policy and fixing America? Scandalous.

  25. Actually no, many Cubans are entirely blind to any authoritarianism from republicans. They’re just afraid of health care.

  26. Come on, do we really need an OT2 sub? This one is small enough as it is

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