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  1. Might want to ask your vet, it does not look natural.

  2. Oh my god he's a sable! I have a sable too! Please tell Mr. Winston I said hi :)

  3. Our corgi mixes would do this…our vet called it “reverse sneezing” and said it’s common in corgi and corgi mixes. There are some YouTube videos that give an example of it.

  4. Mine does when she’s unsure if she should be playful or not. She’ll do what I call a “sniffy snort” which means she wants attention or an escalation in play lol

  5. My dad was telling me to take him to the vet but he’s done it ever since I got him so now I know when he does it he wants to play or just wants attention

  6. It’d be great to get a Chandler voiceover reading Judith’s letter in the finale but I don’t think that’s ever happening

  7. Someone tell ConcernedApe to make all plants Scytheable just for lols.

  8. You can watch Sao progressive in the us already. If you mean the next movie, expect 6-8 months after movie comes out, or watch it in the movies probably within the month it releases

  9. I see multiple spouses say these spicy things when a new year just started, I was surprised but not complaining tho

  10. With deluxe speed-gro, it takes ancient fruit over three years to be more profitable than starfruit because of the opportunity cost of making ancient seeds. Plus, you need more kegs with ancient fruit. Even if that wasn't the case, I would probably do starfruit anyway because I have a hard time seeing which crops are mature in a field of ancient fruit. Plus, starfruit means you can easily switch to something else if necessary. For example, I have in the past used the greenhouse to grow some of my qi fruit.

  11. ginger island farm I'm going to plant 24 iridium sprinklers worth of ancient fruit which is 576 tiles to turn into wine at the quarry being the end profit after become wine 1,330,556$

  12. You're subtracting the cost of the starfruit seeds twice.

  13. I already have half a green a house of ancient seeds once I fill it I’ll purely focus on getting 576 ancient seeds

  14. Have heard of Corgis breaking a foot from a “high” jump. Have him checked by your vet.

  15. Ok, I think I'd take his paw and leg and just gently apply pressure and see if he reacts. If not, it's less likely it's anything major.

  16. Yeah he doesn’t whine or anything when I apply pressure just if I try to bend it to much he’s like that hurts please stop but I can tell as the days go on he’s feeling better and he’s not sad or anything he still acts like his normal corgi self

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