1. Did they record this, or was someone just smart enough to snag a picture?

  2. Best FA signing ever? I think so. You could argue for Hilton, Hendrickson, Chido, or Bell. You could even go back to Reggie Nelson, but IMO, Reader is the leader of that defense.

  3. Not only a leader on the defense, but our run defense LACKED when he was out. So glad when he was able to come back

  4. I did four nights of Phish and 5 nights of Disney World last year. It's fun to like fun stuff.

  5. Yeah, mine are 5 years old and still show max battery.

  6. Bought some water leak sensors (continually go unavailable), put brand new batteries in them. They show as being 34% for both of them. Duracell batteries too, not cheap ones

  7. I mean, how damn good is the band Goose? The melody and vocals backed by some serious jam cred. It’s like the elusive complete package jam band. Live shows with Trey Anastasio band are fantastic.

  8. Need to start getting into them. Big Phish Phan, and if Trey endorses them, I think they must be pretty good. Plan on seeing them live before getting into their recordings / live recordings though.

  9. Wait they played Tweezer without the reprise? Are fans still waiting in Hershey Park for the concert to end?

  10. I’ve heard some wooks are still huffing balloons to this day there

  11. If you’re already making fantasy setlists with stuff from 89 and 2016, then I happily inform you that your brain has reached the perfect state of melt.

  12. Paul Rudd, if they hate that guy, we are doomed regardless

  13. 7/19/98 and then the acoustic Bridge School version that Fall

  14. Everything I've seen from Hundred Percent is cut with ridiculous amounts of CBD/CBG. Their concentrates in particular are just gross. You couldn't pay me to vape anything from them.

  15. Another thing to think about with not cancelling / postponing at this point. Can you imagine how many of those fans are drunk right now? First quarter of this game, all those people leaving & possibly getting on the roads in the state they are currently in. I’m sure they cancel / postpone, but this delay in that decision is a good thing for everyone getting home safely. We don’t need anymore tragedies

  16. 6’1 - 265, but with minimal gut. You should not have any issues on any rides besides maybe the Castle

  17. hey mate thanks a lot for your replies on this post, they're super helpful to new rclone users,

  18. Try using the mounting script I posted above, if possible, but if not, I believe the bwlimit-file=32M will help you avoid that error

  19. Respectfully, nobody in Dead & Co could do that song justice.

  20. New to The Dead, Blow Away 7/7/89 is an absolutely magical experience of a song. No one could do this song the justice that he put into this.

  21. I think iPhones only use HEIF for "Live Images", correct?

  22. I had to scroll way to far to see American gangster

  23. And before that, he was still playing dangerously mediocre

  24. Literally have always heard that the Colts had one of the best lines, and that Kelly was one of the best in the league. I think this whole thread reeks of recency bias

  25. ?? Our line has been dogshit since late 2020

  26. I’m a Bengals fan, I’m just saying everything I’ve heard from an outside view.

  27. This is the thing my girlfriend doesn’t understand, she rescued a dog, an absolute sweetheart of a dog, which I love deeply. However, this dog was NOT socialized with other dogs, at all by the previous owners, or had a very traumatic experience. She can get act very aggressive (howling, barking, acting tough), but off a leash in a dog park, she runs around and is fine. When a small dog, who presumably has an owner that treats it like it owns the world, starts jumping on her, nipping and barking, our dog won’t back down. All it takes is one person like this lady, to scream, throw a fit and howl at the moon, and then our sweet girl would get put down. I know our girl needs some work with other dogs, and she’s sooooo much better than she used to be, but I’m more worried about owners like this than anything else.

  28. My my my my my soul, it’s my soul - that he is looking at

  29. As someone who went through the whole Ticketmaster shitshow in October trying to get tickets for Dead and Co, I’m sorry y’all are having to go through this! Ticketmaster is an awful, greedy company.

  30. And are currently being investigated by the government, really unsure why she would choose them to do this. They are a shady company

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