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Hold up, what was that?

  1. He said the c word thats what yall all riled up for.. do yall even know the difference and origins of the n word and c word. They have very different cultural impact. Plus mizkif has said the n word multiple times but we all just laughed it off in the end. So why is bruces case different? especially when the n word is a way more impactful and belittling slur in so many ways. Not saying it wasnt wrong but i feel like the feedback is far worse than what mizkif got from it.

  2. Nobody with sense is comparing the 2, but he did say it in a hateful way. His intention was to be hateful towards a specific race.

  3. the whole story about him being on miz stream or collabs with OTK leading to gangbangers with weapons coming around threatening him sounds like such a 22 year old's attempt to give a good reason to leave an org cuz he can't shout down his community enough when they hate the org. integrity shattered. could be wrong of course but seems like smoke and mirrors BAD BAD BAD. this may be his first rodeo but everybody else looking at this with years of watching other streamers thinking about it super critically.

  4. I would say they don’t it is just there are a lot of Smite simps on here that react negatively or not at all to any sort of criticism of the game.

  5. how dare people not react to your criticism

  6. What an insightful and groundbreaking post

  7. Well, can't say I'm surprised. You consider anything less than execution or torture merciful.

  8. Right, for proven child rapists and murderers. Never said torture btw.

  9. Then i sure hope you also take into account the cultural and IQ differences of those criminals in scandinavia versus other places in the world. Aswell as the differences in what people even get arrested for.

  10. Dont misquote him. He said he used to like train, still likes him in some ways.

  11. what i said is essentially the same thing. But sure, i should have used exact wording.

  12. Because a human leading godlike beings is something contextualized. I used to like Batman in the Justice League, but nowadays I just can't see the supposed "charm" of this power fantasy cliche anymore. Humans are always the "superior race" in fantasy just because, there's no valid justifications for it

  13. Isnt batman a leader because hes super smart and naturally good at leading tactically. Like iron man without the alcoholism.

  14. Batman is a leader because he has the ability of making everyone else in the room dumber, while his own intelligence increases. That's the writer bias. Flash can think at the speed of light, Superman also have something similar, etc.. these characters are metaphysical, their abilities far surpass the human limitation. However, the writer wants to showcase how a human like Batman is good enough to walk among Gods, he is even better than them somehow... that is the power fantasy cliche.

  15. The content was delayed anyways, they couldnt even getting crafting finished in a timely manner. Also good, im glad you consoomers cant buy more skins for the game lol.

  16. Honestly the bad ratings were based on opinions and a lack of trust from the player base due to translucent communications between the company and players, whether it is patch notes, game design, and community engagement.

  17. Yeah, a lot of reviews will be changed to positive if they actually make the game everything it should have been at launch.

  18. Didn't Vermintide 2 look like that when it launched? I love the game, but it had some work needed when we got it.

  19. Not even close, somehow they did everything worse with the DT launch.

  20. Your server must be really empty.

  21. Or its day one of a new patch to matchmaking hasnt had any time to adjust.

  22. all my prebuilt stuff in god builder got wiped for all my gods. did this happen to anyone else?

  23. That happens for new seasons when lots of items are changed

  24. Imma miss all the fun jail plans cos ain’t nobody gonna be doin them on the hardcore server cos jail time sounds long

  25. Is the hardcore server not going to be separate from the main server? if so then nothing will change about plans on the main server.

  26. Interesting, so they are essentially making the main server hardcore. Since I doubt many established RPers will want to base their streams on the public server. We'll see how long some people can handle hardcore rules then.

  27. Not even her, Soda too. They both put their whole relationship out there in front of the viewers and then act like people should just ignore it like its private and blacked out/muted and didn't happen.

  28. yeah, soda literally has a clip here talking about them banging. Even if its a joke, you put that out there lol.

  29. Why get political over a segment that everyone loved?

  30. You dont have to play it. itll go away eventually.

  31. Or check into a mental institution, because you're not right in the head if you do this.

  32. Why didnt you bring this same energy towards the sex pests walking down the street in bondage gear?

  33. Man i just want Ind and Khuresh to be opened up and ideally have their factions added.

  34. Personally I'd say all the DLC is worth it, except maybe Bögenhafen. It's the only DLC which doesn't add new weapons.

  35. Id probably like that more than the escorting

  36. on the contrary the 2 most powerful people in the city (lang, mr K) sound strraight out of a noir/heist movie boss

  37. Did you just reply to yourself saying K sounds like a movie boss?

  38. i made a sweeping remark about powerful characters having calming but asertive voice but later realized my theory might not be accurate as the 2 most powerful peopel do not have a voice like that. Langs voice give the old threatening mafia boss vibe while k has a much more deranged horror movie villian voice. both are opposite of calming(unless they specifically try to be calm but not their normal self)

  39. Well editing your original comment would make it seem less like youre replying to yourself but forgot to switch accounts. For future situations like this.

  40. I could never get into it for some reason, but I always wanted to give it a chance. Something about the average graphics, the feel of the gameplay...I dunno, it just didn't have the same magic as FO3 or NV. Maybe I'll feel differently now, if I ever get around to playing it on PC with mods.

  41. Its great with mods, even some total overhaul mods coming like Fallout London and Fallout Miami.

  42. Also if you like base building fallout 4 is great. I enjoy creating things so it was nice.

  43. I mean, unless youre gonna talk to chat and interact (like youre gaming with friends) i dont see the point in streaming or how it could be relaxing.

  44. Yeah but you know that's not how People interpret it, otherwise you wouldn't need to explain it.

  45. CMs should go into the job knowing there will be rude people, especially if the game is fucked up. At which point they should mostly blame their bosses for putting them in the position to be a target.

  46. Yeah and the people who filter out shit on Facebook know they are going to see fucked up stuff but they still break.

  47. If hes trying to get healthy thats good, dont even watch the guy but the clip of him falling over and almost dying while playing VR was sad.

  48. Man sometimes I just eat raw spinach. Must suck to not eat vegetables.

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