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  1. Arrow funk is fucking dope. Didn't even know it existed till now. But, I also like me some Neo Monster. (Totally not because it includes the corruption in it. I am a simp over Estranged) Personally, I think the best Monster song that there is is Hallucination.

  2. Nothing like a little Friday Night Fuckin' with your vampire wife.

  3. Ugh, I hate it when people throw their trash into animal enclosures -- no littering means no littering!

  4. Damn, he pull a Tom Cruise on ya? Some Mission Impossible shit?

  5. Oh god, I forgot Fading existed. The way they made BF's vocals really light in a way left me a bit choked up. Especially that last note.

  6. Collared greens. I don't know, the idea of vegetables having collars always bothered me. You can imagine how silly I felt when I saw they don't wear little shirts! I love them now <3

  7. D-Sides Sonic and Starved team up on Sonic, have a nice lil picnic, then Starved eats D-Sides. Starved wins.

  8. "It's a bird! It's a plane!" No, it's a damn Dominos delivery car. That's one determined man to get his paycheck.

  9. Eh, I guess I will participate. With me, you throw rods at.. uh.. god?

  10. This might sound really fucking lame, but the big grey BF guy from the Ben's Adventure mod. (Hijinx). I also really like Soft GF's vocals from Promise, also from Ben's Adventure. (Damn, the vocals in the mod were sick) I'm a pretty big fan of the vocals from the Peppa Pig mod, specifically from the "Bacon" song. The whole damn song was a banger. Only problem with the Peppa from that song herself is that she wouldn't really fit in any other song because her vocals were really only meant for that specific song.

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