1. You're thinking of Torrence. Haha he basically has the same attributes as this dude, but nah, this guy found him

  2. Least favorite Madden... 10 through 22. They all suck

  3. Maybe make a deck out of the worst card sets. Try a deck with the Angela Maxwell set I wonder what that’s like.

  4. I'm 18, starting at Madden 25 and if it wasn't for that I probably wouldn't have the passion for NFL history that I do now bc of the Canton Greats

  5. Lol I wasn't even thinking twice and about it

  6. Yes ik the o line isn't complete yet, I am prolly gonna get Larry Allen, Dan dierdorf, and Bruce Matthews, also gonna swap Tony casillas for Lee Roy selmon eventually

  7. Just started doing this today. 2 down, many more to go

  8. How do you do it? I couldn't figure it out

  9. The way I see it, tell whoever you want, if she didn't want you to do that then she never should have done it. Simple as that

  10. okay but wtf is blacked.com? My mind is too pure.

  11. Do not Google it if you are a minor

  12. 2 is a straight up gift accept it immediately

  13. Who blackmailed u ? How did ur videos got to leaked and who did it ? The one your gf cheated with ?

  14. That's a story for another time, but it was not him as far as I'm aware

  15. Whatever it is, but u need to fight it out, nobody will do it for u. If ur ex is responsible even in the slightest fir ur video leaks, she needs to bear consequences.

  16. Nah but it's at least remotely close in terms of value so it's nice to know they probably aren't trying to shark you

  17. I personally run knights templar, Nazca and a ton of commons for it, I've gotten all 3 turns to be 700+ points w it, but this is not the best league for it

  18. Hey what the heck, I tried to make 2 giant whips and it wouldn’t let me do it. Can you only do 1 per play-through or something?

  19. there is a big tree. inside there was a banana and a lady. the lady slices banana, her children each take a slice. you go around killing her children so you can have the whole banana. the biggest slice is inside the tree but tree dosent let you in, you burn tree, the lady turns into a man, you kill the man, then this big dog shows up who turns out to be the real owner of the banana. you kill the owner, now you have a whole banana.

  20. Woman give horse. Horse go brrr. Man thinks worthy is unworthy Bigger man cuts arm off Said bigger man attaches dragon head After large puddle, deranged woman throws sticks and blue glitter. After large red puddle, big man tosses rocks and self. Later, past much death and big elevator, golden ghost ambushes After, early on man claiming unworthy said “SIKE!” and didn’t go away. The rest would spoil a lot of it

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