OPM Characters Portrayed By SpongeBob

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  1. I'm starting to see an opposite trend where folks are putting Homelanders in battles where he stomp too hard.

  2. "Homelander vs Ayanokoji. They're both humans who were raised in a lab in order to be the best in the world. Who would win"

  3. Hey me too. Just quit my job, feeling 6-ish

  4. Didn’t quit my job but I really want to

  5. I find it funny how they do all of this ridiculous Marvel bullshit to hype Sukune's strength, and then they hyped Jack up by having him bite a coin and stating he can overpower a dog lol

  6. Sukune has stronger grip but Yujiro punches way harder and is a lot tougher.

  7. His voice is perfect and so is Jack's, but I'm not a big fan of Yujiro's Shadow The Hedgehog impression

  8. I'm honestly glad he hasn't because he'd probably make them job horrifically to one of the Japanese fighters and then never have them be relevant to the plot again.

  9. If I had more money than god I wouldn't resort to shilling for these awful ads but that's just me

  10. He didn’t actually kill Noir and I’m saying if Gunpowder stayed bootlicking and didn’t go against SB in any way.

  11. Yeah he didn’t kill him, just beat him almost to death.

  12. I'm not defending his actions. I'm just saying it's not really in his character to outright kill a loyal ally for no reason at all. If Gunpowder didn't fall in line sure, but if he stayed loyal I think he'd just be like the Deep to Soldier Boy's Homelander.

  13. I love that hairstyle for her. Also those shoes are drippy as hell

  14. “You see, the show actually makes fun of both sides. It makes fun of liberals for falling for woke pandering, and makes fun of conservatives for being dim-witted, gun worshipping, xenophobic, imperialistic, white nationalistic, nazi-adjacent, Christian fundamentalist facists.”

  15. I also find it funny how they think stuff like the Pepsi commercial parody or Voughtland actually offends leftists

  16. Which makes it being an Amazon show painfully ironic but that’s a conversation for another day lol

  17. I want to see his reaction to Bang so much

  18. Kimiko survived it and so did a dozen Herogasm attendees. I think it's a plot hole for the sake of a status quo season 4, which is rather annoying. Keep the number one villain alive and well at all costs. Lazy, but it's not the writers' fault the showrunners don't want to reduce any tension with a temporarily tamed Homelander and a Ryan that is no longer a liability. This show abstains from any meaningful form of closure because I think the showrunners fear the writers cannot reproduce the tension and urgency Homelander provided.

  19. Kimiko has superhuman durability, and the surviving Herogasm members weren't directly hit by the blast. If Ryan survived a point blank blast right after he just got KO'd by a simple shove from Soldier Boy, that would be the plot hole. Not that I'm defending the disappointing ending, but there was no reason to believe Ryan wouldn't die if Soldier Boy were to blast him.

  20. Ryan has superhuman durability, too, but fair enough.

  21. It’s hard to think of a scene that broke my heart more than this one

  22. This is why I defend the Starlord scene in Infinity War. Yes what he did was remarkably stupid, but it’s perfectly within his character.

  23. I never really been a poster guy on Reddit but i must be brave i should get myself together Lol Edit: i thought this was OPM sub i didn't know this was dedicated for Respect-characters ^ Ur profil indicate that u don't like being @ ? 😭

  24. The profile thing is a joke and yeah this place is not just for OPM.

  25. Ohh cuz u seemed nice and all just wanted to chat more with u ^ ) yeah im a fan of the sub already Lol

  26. Ah I see. I had a lot of fun talking! Have a great day :)

  27. This reminds me of a scene from non non biyori where renge gets a tissue and gets super happy about it and tells it's because she cleans toilets everyday. Low expectation --> great happy

  28. Renge is an amazing character. She's so adorable and funny.

  29. When you start to take everything too literally for this powerlevel wanking you end up with retarded bullshit like Yuujiro holding back his speed by over one hundred times whenever he's fighting anyone but still sweating while failing to fully avoid Musashi's blade and having his skin be cut.

  30. It is honestly impressive how nonsensical powerscalers can be. Like it’s not normal, coherent levels of stupid. They deliberately perform high level thinking and profound analysis just to get a bafflingly incorrect answer. An answer that’s on too many layers of poorly applied logic for an average stupid person to even come up with, but said stupid person would still know is wrong just by basic intuition. What really sealed this for me was when I saw someone unironically claim Hanayama is universe level via some “strength transcending the gods” statement.

  31. This. The guys spend hours making complex analysis and using maths i can barely understand only to conclude a guy which we never saw doing anything more than punching holes in walls can pulverize entire countries

  32. What happens when you have all so much book smarts but without common sense.

  33. “You sent that kid flying across the entire block with just a tiny shove! You must be really strong!”

  34. I love how Homelander has a milf fetish while his dad has a gilf fetish

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