1. What’s wrong with giving the credential to a friend? You can share your battle.net password with a friend if you want.

  2. I'm not asking if it's wrong or not. I'm asking HOW would you limit it.

  3. Like you said in your original comment, you can log into both sites. It’s very easy to do using Facebook or Google signin. Freakin Xfinity makes it simple to use my cable tv credential on multiple streaming sites.

  4. Yeah but, "kids" isn’t that why we teach them " hot don’t touch"? Pets are smart they figure things out pretty quick.

  5. Yes, until they're playing too close and fall face-first on the stove at 400ºC leaving them permanent scars.

  6. I don't want to make you feel bad but the middle one is the best indeed but it is still kind of bad. Compare them to the ones at the top left...

  7. It's not the best, but it will be fine. Put a zip tie over 5he wires near the solder joints.

  8. I don't think the middle one is fine lol.

  9. But dramatic considering everyone here is saying theres a fix that takes 5 mins. A whole operating system and one menu makes it unacceptable to you lol.

  10. He already has a whole operating system that works as he expects though. It's not like he's choosing Windows ME over Windows 10 for some stupid reason like the default wallpaper being different.

  11. I switched my laptop to it months ago. Built a new PC with it. I like it more than 10.

  12. I kind of like it visually but some things about it bother me, like the context menu lacking all the options.

  13. "it ain't much" (pic of a $300 pan)

  14. Y tú entiendes que es un problema de oferta y demanda ¿no? Si por parte de la demanda hay más dinero, porque se cobra más, y no aumenta la oferta (porque el gobierno casi no deja construir obra nueva porque no se recalifican terrenos), suben los precios.

  15. Y por qué los EcOnOmiStAs dijeron lo mismo las 3 anteriores subidas de sueldo y ninguna pasó lo que dijeron? xD

  16. Dejad de decir gilipolleces anda, la inflación tiene un fuerte componente de energía y comida, que justamente POR MILAGRO O INTERVENCIÓN DIVINA no ha afectado a España porque no traía tanto gas ni petroleo ruso como traían los otros de la UE.

  17. Aaa milagro o intervencion divina entiendo entiendo, muy buenos tus estudios!

  18. Are you soldering steel wool at 100ºC or what?

  19. Pues que un policía se ha infiltrado en varios grupitos de antifascistas para ir a las manifestaciones como "uno más" cuando en realidad estaba pasando información a la policía de todo lo que pasaba.

  20. Your wrong in the p2w aspect, this game is pay to convience, this wont give you power if you spend money, the only mandatory thing is the tent, other thing that you can spend money is weight, inventory slots pets and maids and other utility stuff, "I would just drop the game when you reach the endgame" the endgame is years of gameplay and 1000s of hours and really really good rng, so he wont see that soon

  21. Sound like no one like REALLY play the game and speak out of their ass right now. This game is still p2convenience, but they throw a lot of free shit. Jfc, do people still think this type of graphic game can survive this long as f2p on everything. Company do have to make money you know

  22. I literally have 10,000 hours lmao

  23. For an actual helpful answer, my best suggestion is double sided tape. Cats hate shit sticking to their paws. Eventually they'll probably learn not jump up there

  24. i am already a drone pilot. i fly the dji mavic mini and i was considering going into the fpv world

  25. DJI Mavic Mini does not count. FPV flies VERY differently.

  26. Religión se debería dar en historia, no para impartir la religión como tal

  27. I don't see the awful taste?

  28. Do you think people would leave their pans on a lye tank for three weeks to scrap the seasoning if they could just use a metal spatula?

  29. Honestly? Probably yes. You're missing out. Not the end of the world but metal spatulas just work best.

  30. For years I’ve seasoned with flax seed, vegetable, avocado, grapeseed, and canola oil. Never really had issues (except for flax seed, flaked off), but I never felt satisfied by the seasoning.

  31. Same there. I tried coconut oil, lard, sunflower seed oil and after getting my hands on some crisco (I'm from Europe so I had to get it imported, ended up paying $10 for 1lb) I can tell it is definitely the best thing to use.

  32. This is not a DIY to begin with.

  33. Someone also made Reddit and it's not a DIY lmao

  34. I always make a special freezer for them just for the RP I guess.

  35. There's some sticky gunk semi-welded around the perimeter. Can't get it off without something abrasive.

  36. Don't use olive oil. Most of this group recommends Crisco, but even canola or avocado oil if you have that lying around the house will work. You need something with a high smoke point.

  37. Sunflower seed oil is also good

  38. I take Boneworks over Bonelab. If you're looking for the next Boneworks I just completed LONN in about 9 hrs, which I recommend if you like physics, with a story driven campaign. Like Boneworks there's jank but you learn to embrace and roll with it.

  39. Wow, considering people that liked Boneworks don't even like bonelabs, that game is in trouble. I hated Boneworks, I tried to like it though. I'm not touching bonelabs with a 10ft pole.

  40. Yeah, Boneworks is rated 91/100 on Steam while Bonelab is like 74/100.

  41. Na pero es imposible aprender a fondo un lenguaje sin laburar en una empresa y chocarte con problemas reales. Y hasta diría que muchas cosas tampoco las va a aprender así sino que con el tiempo. Porque siento JR, ssr o hasta sr, no te dan los tiempos en las tareas para siempre buscar la solución más eficiente.

  42. Por supuesto, hasta que no te topas con problemas reales no vas a saber programar de verdad, pero si por ejemplo no sabes usar los <> de una clase, el tipo optional, los hashmap, las interfaces y más cosas del estilo, cuando vayas a Spring Boot no vas a comprender nada de nada

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