1. My favorite part of this tradition is how "Leslie-era" Austin it is. My second favorite part is how it russells jimmies.

  2. Leslie would’ve been out there with a full bass drum, cowboy hat, Austin fc thong leading chants. It’s a damn shame Leslie isn’t alive for Austin fc.

  3. I'm talking about sperm balloons. You're the one linking children to my comment. Stop projecting ya nonce.

  4. So we’re not able to watch in person either?

  5. I hope some team is racking up fines because they say screw the cookie cutter crap and make fun innovative content that is interesting to watch. Just say screw it and do something new and out of the box.

  6. A creative team that would put the effort into making something innovative is also probably one that would do the minimum the league is requiring.

  7. Love Romana but coming in out of shape two years in a row doesn't show that you want to be here. Successful clubs don't use preseason to work off weight and start building fitness. There are plenty of players that would kill to fight for 1st team minutes here.

  8. DCU profile video is hype with better than others VO! They are down now but they had such amazing players back in the day. Check it out!

  9. Yep Iconic Players section seems the best to me so far.

  10. Quickly becoming the best traveling fans in the league! Thanks for all y'all do to make this happen!

  11. Hope he kills it in France, helps Ajaccio stay out of rel and then comes back in August for late season push. Cheers Moussa!

  12. But we already know Precourt is a horse thief. What else would Texans care about? He's bulletproof.

  13. And again! Don't you remember? Inquires about downvotes shall be downvoted.

  14. Because inquires about downvotes shall be downvoted. And you did it again!

  15. It has? I made sure to check if it was posted and it didn't come up somehow

  16. I’m not entertaining a grown man who is triggered by a meme. That’s honestly what’s hilarious here.

  17. Oh you are plenty entertaining, all you columbus fans are. But not for the reasons you think. How long has it been since you went longer than 24hrs without thinking about Precourt?

  18. Again, dick riding a guy who doesn’t care about you. He’s not going to give you a phone call anytime soon.

  19. For MLS NEXT Pro games what is typical level of support throughout the league? Do any fanbase(s) support their 2nd team more enthusiastically than the rest? Any tifos or instruments at those games?

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