1. Why all the Brighton love? I live down the road and watching all these plastic United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea fans who had never been to a game of football in their lives until the swanky new Amex was built suddenly declare their love for Brighton doesn’t sit well with me! Where were all these folk when they were at the Withdean and even Goldstone for the last few years? Even seen a bloke at the Amex with Liverpool tattoos all down his legs wearing a Brighton shirt! Terrible atmosphere there as well. It’s probably more the fan base that I dislike rather than the club but still don’t understand all the love here for them.

  2. Kammie and Jeff's chemistry on Soocer Saturday will never be seen again, Michelle Owen deserves to be up there too.....but the worst have to be Michael Dawson, never letting anyone get a word in, Courtney Sweetman-Kirk, infuriating to listen too and Paul "beans on toast" Merson, should of left when Sky rung the changes

  3. Completely on Dawson, surprised more people haven’t said him

  4. Micheal Owen - “My top 3 would be 1, 2 and 3“

  5. “Useless prick” - gets England to their first World Cup semi since 1990 & first major final since 1966.

  6. With the easiest possible routes in both tournaments. Bottled both the euro final and wc semi from winning positions. Maybe not a useless prick but don’t think he has the stones to win anything. I have been a big advocate for him until last few games, there’s nothing wrong with pragmatic football if it gets you results but just feels like we are sleepwalking into disaster this World Cup.

  7. Hell no, think of the pyramid. Would kill a lot of non league and lower league teams. How many of their fan bases are locals that support a big team, if that big team is playing on TV at 3:00 they are drawn away from their local team. Think it would even impact some PL teams attendances. Plus I like to keep an ounce of tradition in our beautiful game.

  8. Surely it would be better to just ensure there are no PL games during the blackout. That way fans can support their local teams and then head home to watch the PL games. Win-win for everyone

  9. That is a decent shout tbf, but if all PL games were shown live attendances would definitely drop, regardless of kick off time. The likes of United and Liverpool etc would be fine but less established teams would suffer. I’m a wolves fan and I’m guilty of not going to midweek games when we are on the box, costs me over £100 for each home game with travel, tickets and everything else. I struggle to sell my ticket for games I’m not going to when we are on TV, because a lot of other hard working people who aren’t made of money probably have the same idea.

  10. A docking tournament of the managers. They all get drawn against each other and have to dock dicks until one pulls out, normally because one of them need a piss or just feel to uncomfortable touching helmets. Winner goes through to the next round until we have a champion docker.

  11. Moutinho’s ‘handball’ at City haunts my dreams at night

  12. How are the songs managing to get better and better. This GSK is the best I’ve heard including the album mix. Unbelievable levels of tightness and bringing the energy as always. Love you squiddy boys 🦑

  13. Just asked him and he said that he is more than adequate.

  14. Completely underrated, him leaving Liverpool for the big money at City tainted peoples opinion on him and the media have always given him a really tough time, but if you are to judge on talent and what he’s achieved alone then he is pure class. Looking good through the middle at Chelsea as well. Recent years he’s been one of England’s best players as well. He’s no GOAT but he’s criminally underrated. Now for my impression of him running - 🦖.

  15. Big fish in small pond all day, just ask Mr Grealish. Will he be remembered by City fans for positive reasons in 20 years? Not at all. If he would have stayed at Villa his whole career he would have been remembered as a legend forever. I’m a bit of a wanker though, and legacy would come before trophies for me. All down to the person I guess…

  16. Leicester will be fine as soon as they get rid of Rodgers, leave it too late though and they might be in serious danger, not wanting to pay him off might cost them a lot more if he takes them down.

  17. Football is crazy, few years ago Brendan was one of the most sought after managers around, got linked to loads of top jobs, now he’s stinking the place out?! I get the feeling he is done and wants out, but won’t quit because he won’t get the pay out when he’s sacked, which is a rather tasty amount from my understanding.

  18. If he goes out like this though, he won't be up for many offers from PL clubs in the future. That's why he's pushing the false narrative that the club hasn't backed him, it's the only excuse he can make for what's happened so far (even if it's bullshit).

  19. Don’t think he has been backed though has he? Still, with that quality you should be nowhere near the bottom 3 so shouldn’t be cited as an excuse. The set piece thing is really worrying, if he can’t address that when it’s been happening for like 2 years you have to wonder wtf is going on. Fingers crossed you turn it around!

  20. Said name 3 players bro, I’m going to have to take away 1 of your Djembas

  21. Not on the same scale as VU, music has gone a million different ways. I think all of the bands you mentioned actually play down the link that they are members of some kind of scene, but it’s amazing to see these amazing bands all kind of linked coming through together. Quite unique for this day and age

  22. He’s okay when he’s sat next unintelligent former pros on Sky, Mr Jordan is making him look like a fool on a regular basis on talksport at the moment though

  23. I know a lot of people will say there only real test so far has been United which they lost, but they deserved at least a point, if not all 3.

  24. My pick for 4th was based on Liverpool massively improving as your currently sat in 8th, United won’t be easy to displace the way they are looking. Think 4th is realistically the best you could hope for and it won’t be easy.

  25. Maybe if the following sequence of events take place…

  26. Got to love a good Urethra spaghetti dip, or as the Italians would say ‘le dickoledepasta’. If you leave one in for around 45 mins it comes out warm and cooked.

  27. I know Nathan Collins had a mare today with that red card (which was really satisfying to watch happen to Grealish) but he has been outstanding so far this season. Kilman not far behind him either, if you ignore the fact that Haaland made him do a beautiful pirouette earlier 💃

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