1. Everything I’ve gotten from Arete has been good, except the powdered whatever this shit is that came with the bundle. But I totally believe OP,and others on this thread that said something is putrid or off or just wrong. I got that Z Donny Burger that was way off, got some deathstar smalls from WNC as well as cookies and cream smalls and Mac smalls that tasted like shit with no smell. They weren’t bad, just not grown well.

  2. Use a mint tea for your water, it’s a game changer

  3. This sounds great but I change water every sesh, would go through alot of tea, lol. I am wondering about the heath benefits of vaping mullein tea water. Mullein is for lung health and breathing, wondering if vaping through it would be beneficial

  4. What exactly do you mean by Bickle Tickle? I have a Mighty+ and am curious. Been considering picking up a TM2 anyway for its on-demand capabilities as a Christmas present to myself. I have a V3 Pro and it's fine I guess. But I really love my Mighty+.

  5. Some people feel the Peek gives a funny taste and tickle in their throat and named it the bickle tickle, lol. I have a mighty+ and a crafty plus, as well as a TM2, which I just got. All 3 are great and serve their purpose but If portability is not needed, get a ball vape desktop!! Nothing hits harder or tastes better IMO. I have a Qaroma and Taroma 2. If they were portable, I’d have nothing else.

  6. Save and get a good vape or you’ll regret. Many out there. For £290 you can get a tinymight2. For £225 you can get a DIY Taroma lite desktop. Smacks and you can do concentrates thru it.

  7. Can you share where you got the case? That’s pretty sweet.

  8. Thanks! That’s a Cloud 10 case, I think I got on Etsy, was $35. Not a bad case. Had gotten it for my Mighty, and a smaller one for the crafty which also works quite well for the Tinymight. Half the size of the one you see in the pic. Probably will use that one. Depends what stem I buy and fits. 🤟🏻

  9. Ordered from tiny might in Finland monday scheduled to be delivered today. Would have saved 20 on shipping if vgoodiez wasn't sold out.

  10. Yeah, I tried to get one now for months. I thought by the time I checked out it would be gone. Either way, u will enjoy it when it gets here!! 🤟🏻

  11. Fucking diggin the creature rolling tray! Love seeing other skate enthusiasts on here 🛹

  12. Looks nice OP👍 I was looking at the tropical cherry they had and on Enlighten site says 20%+ thca. When you click on the source link it shows like 15.7% thca. Either way the products looks pretty good and I am definitely going to try some of it out.

  13. Yeah, I’m very happy with this, want to try the blumosa too!

  14. I do this too!! I do this all the time with the stainless steel ones from VGoodiEZ. They are straight barreled, so they fit against screen of CU when u close it, instead of against plastic ring that holds screen in CU. Reduces any pressure or stress on the device when closing CU with a slightly over filled bowl. I use the lid for one measurement and the bottom for smaller dose. Much better air flow than using caps, oven is bring heat right to flower like a cap less oven should. Didn’t buy them thinking I would do this, just didn’t take to using caps because the clouds and vapor weren’t the same with them, for me. This is great because IMO you need a firmly packed bowl in the mighty for good clouds and this allows you to achieve that and not have to vape 1/2 A gram every time.

  15. Liver sometimes won’t process it. Seems a small but significant amount of people don;t process it well or at all. Sublingually is the best way. Oil or tincture slowly dissolving into your capillaries under your tongue and cheeks. Will hit faster but probably half the duration of a liver processed edible. CBD is even worse for ingesting thru liver. Way worse, that’s y all these CBD gummies and edibles are BS. THC on the other hand is processed very well in MOST individuals. I use coconut oil as my raw material because I like that it solidifies fridge and then slowly dissolves sublingually.

  16. I got some strawberry from them yesterday!! Very tasty, hits nice! Gonna post later. Enjoy!!

  17. I have the 2.0 and it’s awesome, I can microdose like .12g , any lower and it’s hard to get much of a hit. The XL injector bowl has more area to cover and would be harder to dose that little. Taroma lite is a great device, as you can drop concentrates thru it. I grabbed a Qaroma too, and love both, but if I was getting one, I’d go with a Taroma lite.

  18. Oh yeah I just did my part for them, so all is fair, idk if I’ll fuck with em anymore

  19. No, what I’ve gotten from Arete and Oreston have been good offerings, not great, but good. I have also gotten some terp less but effective legit mids, but thus stuff is bad and I think a total crapshoot.

  20. Oh I’m not disagreeing with you my guy. Do you have pics of it by chance? Curious if it looks obviously sprayed or tampered with.

  21. I took and deleted some pics, so no, I would have to take more. It’s very dark, not a lot of trichomes, even under a loop. But it’s the smell that gave it a thumbs down for me. And knowing the person starting this was in on it.

  22. Dry herb vape. I’m 60, been going since I’m 14. Stopped combusting about 10 months ago and own 5 dry herb vapes. Love them all, will never combust again(on purpose). Although I know I’ve done irreparable damage to my lungs, I at least know in just 1 year going forward, I won’t smoke around 600-700 joints. I love weed more now than ever. Get a good desktop vape and you will have no regrets. Taste and hits and clouds have never been better! 🤟🏻

  23. Smells great to me still, but i can’t smoke, tastes like shit. Wish I found this years ago

  24. Thank you! Kinda dialing it in right now, but really enjoying it. Very easy to get baked quickly!😎🔥🤟🏻

  25. Awesome, I've been looking for a case to fit my TM2. I'll check it out, thank you 😊

  26. Right now for taste and fragrance ICM, Mimosa and always headbanger are awesome tasting. I dry herb vape, don’t know how they smoke anymore

  27. Got the same bundle, I agree about the flower. Definitely green crack and Hip Crip sitting at the top. How did you like the kief’s? I thought they were shit

  28. I haven’t tried the gelato kief, and I’m not going to tbh. I’ll be putting it through bubble bags along with my cake from EHH. The CBD hash & CBG hash are both shit.

  29. Yeah, I thought they would be, was hoping the gelato might be good but everything I’m seeing say no. If flower is decent it’s still a good haul. Thinking sales are something to stay away from in the future. High demand probably means greater risk of unregulated outsourcing. For a few dollars savings u can wind up spending a lot of money on lousy product.Thanks, great review!🤟🏻

  30. I bought steel caps from VGoodiEZ. Personally, I don’t like caps at all, just a brush after every sesh. But back when I first got my mighty, I didn’t like the aluminum ones either. So I got the ones from VGoodiEZ . They are great if u like caps. Expensive though. Threaded and durable, easy to clean. Bonus, You can also use them, unconventionally, cap bottom and cap lid for dosing and reducing oven size. S&B caps taper wider as they get to top. The Steel ones are a straight barrel and when u put CU on they fit inside the plastic ring , and against screen on the CU, as opposed to the S&B caps which are wider, and sit against it. What it’s means is, and if u have discovered, a firmly packed bowl produces better vapor, but if you want to micro dose, u can pack a 1/3 of a bowl and sit the cap bottom, upside down, on top of your weed, filling that void in the oven without putting stress on the device. You can use the cap lid as well for fill a slightly lesser void in the oven. Sorry if this is a bit confusing, trying to explain the process the best I can.

  31. Unless I’m grinding for a day on the go, I like to grind each time. Maybe mix a little entourage

  32. Preston and Arete have been solid for me so far

  33. Agreed, I don't think I'll be purchasing much more except for using my 25% off code at wnc cbd for one more order. I am a big smell and flavor guy and it's just not there. The nose knows

  34. Yeah, me too. Probably keep an eye out for something hyped by many and grab something that way. I’ve got a bundle from Arete coming and some Berry White from Preston, only 2 places that I’ve been successful with.

  35. Idk I got some of the most hyped strains I could find and still didn’t like them. Hopefully a home cure will solve but it’s not really worth buying if I have to do that.

  36. I’m definitely backing off purchasing, these BF sales create too much demand and then supply quality goes down.

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