1. Donations to the Bissel Centre probably get to those in need the fastest and most directly. They are also the collection point for YESS.

  2. You can donate to Bissell and Find at the same 122 st donation station too which is handy.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I literally just searched this sub for US maps lol.

  4. I've also been interested in doing this. Apparently its called a D&D duet if you wanted to search that phrase.

  5. Participate and try to do at least one cool thing per session

  6. What are some examples of cool things haha....asking for a friend.

  7. Gotta be the yellow-headed blackbird for me. Or a ruffed grouse drumming.

  8. Obsessed with Elden Ring right now. I’ve started playing it in my dreams now😭

  9. Is it hard? I only recently started playing games and I find getting the controls down can sometimes be tricky. Can you compare it to any games you have played before?

  10. It’s definitely a more challenging game. I may or may not have rage quit a few times lol. The creator of the game wanted to make it difficult enough that, persevering through a challenge/boss fight would have you feeling the “joy of overcoming hardship”. Mission accomplished, I’d say. Once you get the feel for the controls, they are very intuitive imo. I’ve never played a Souls game before and I can’t compare it to any other game I’ve played before. It’s an open world game, which is my favorite type of game, but there hasn’t been a single open world game that is as deep and rich as this one. I actually enjoy exploring and I love the challenge of trying to find your way behind locked doors. Other open world games that I’ve enjoyed but slowly lost interest in were Skyrim, ESO, Fallout and Guild Wars. They get repetitive and they hold your hand too much. Those games are child’s play compared to Elden Ring.

  11. Thanks for the info. I think I might try it and see how it goes. I've heard a lot of good things and thats a good suggestion!

  12. Ok, for real though. Why is everyone in Critical Role so fucking hot? Like, damn. Even the extra people that do one shots, mini campaigns, and guest appearances are all hot as fuck.

  13. I think it's because they are having fun and doing something they love maybe? But I agree. Robbie was sexy as hell.

  14. Gosling for the win. Also, Reynolds is funny, but Gosling is also has a good sense of humour. I thought he was hilarious in The Nice Guys.

  15. Also, the headline is misleading. They are looking specifically at folks who took out mortgages during 2020/2021 who got incredibly low interest rates and will have to pay a lot more when they renew in 5 years.

  16. Went to the game yesterday and it is absolutely great hockey. Exciting until the end. Go Oil Kings!

  17. Despite our initial reservations the system has actually worked quite well for us. In our area we’ve only had our bins not emptied at the regular time once, but they came the next day and emptied them. One thing we noted last year is that the green bin was not big enough to hold our lawn clippings. The Honda mower we had wouldn’t mulch, but it was dying anyways so we replaced it with a battery powered mulching mower and now we don’t have a capacity problem with the green bin. Plus I got a sweet new mower that’s better than any other one I’ve ever used. There’s only two of us in our household and we never fill the black bin more than 1/2 full. Pickup times have been consistent, the only issue for us is that because we’re in an older neighborhood with alley pickup, and only one parking spot in the back, we have to move a car around front on garbage day so there’s room for the bins and our front street is already fairly congested. But overall I’m reasonably happy with the cart system. Hopefully it’s having the intended outcome of allowing more waste to be diverted from landfill and increased composting. Edmonton’s waste management system has been pretty poor despite the city claiming otherwise for years, by implementing the cart system hopefully we’re improving that service

  18. Which mower brand and model you have now? Pros and cons? We're looking for something electric as well.

  19. We got an EGO mower. It’s supposedly one of the best battery powered mowers. We got the top end one that’s got the 56v battery and self propelled. It’s pretty early on, as we’ve only had it since April. But so far I am very impressed. It’s lightweight, extremely quiet, ergonomically it’s fantastic (I’m taller, I had to hunch over to push the old Honda, I can stand up straight & push this one) it’s powerful and cuts very well and the battery charges fast. We don’t have a huge lawn but I can cut the grass minimum 3 times before it needs a charge. It folds up easily for storage, so far I have nothing but good things to say about it. We got it from Lawnmower Hospital. 100% recommended.

  20. Wonderful, thanks so much! I love the idea of not having to drag a cord around and the gas mower is so loud. Have a great summer!

  21. I can't stop watching this video, and each time I pick up something new. Drai's effort off the draw, such a stud. Yamo just the cutest around and always putting it out there. I love to see our boys so happy. Smith after the goal, I'd love to know what he's thinking as he's wetting his neck. Don't get me started on McDaddy 😍

  22. He was also in Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken and I loved that movie growing up. One of my first celebrity crushes.

  23. I remember growing up watching that movie thinking "This is my boyfriend now" lol And he is gorgeous in Mermaids as well. Johnny Angel by Shelley Fabares reminds me of him :)

  24. Oooh I have never seen mermaids, so will definitely be checking that out.

  25. I think I've seen it elsewhere on this sub, if you have the time, run the clock before bringing in the bounty and I think you will get more gold, xp, and rdo$. I have found waiting until 2 minutes left is pretty good. Also, do the role events too (Manhunt and Day of Reckoning) and you should get some xp. You might also get role xp for completing the role dailies for bounty hunter.

  26. Moonshiner is decent once you can make the strong moonshine and flavour it. One batch takes 48 min and can sell for $225 (-$60 to get the batch started). Pay attention to when the batch is ready so your buyer will be available and then you don't have to wait for them to reset. Also drive carefully when selling because even losing one bottle is a decent loss in profit. I think I sold 19/20 bottles and it dropped me to $168.

  27. You can also do the moonshiner missions to lower the price of the mash to effectively increase your profit.

  28. I had this happen once too! I was a part of a posse and entering the leader's bar. It also wouldn't let us do a sell mission. It would put us all outside and say get on the wagon, but there was no wagon anywhere.

  29. Strange really messed up game sometimes but beautiful

  30. Try the takeover series and go for captures rather than kills. I've gotten MVP twice this way and I suck lol.

  31. I love this. The horses are in my top 3 favourite parts of the game. I know this will never happen, but I dream of a stable owner role where you can buy and sell horses, break horses in the wild, do horse-related missions and things.

  32. I’m pretty overloaded on hits, which is the only thing that trocheck provides atm. Funny thing is I need points and sog with MacKinnon out

  33. Yeah, I would say Larkin looks decent then. I'm new to fantasy, but how much sway does team success have in deciding? Obviously I would bet on the Canes over the Wings (even though they have had some surprising success).

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