1. Euron when he attacks Oldtown on a particularly rainy day and sees Leyton covered in oil

  2. Needed somewhere to put it that wouldn’t leave a lot of lore speculation. If you ask me they should’ve put it in the chest across from the altar in Lothric Castle

  3. I think one book is enough for there to be a romance. Look at Jon/Yigrette and Dany/Drogo

  4. Here's a list of all dungeon glyphs (and their rewards) that I know of

  5. The only 2 quests worth doing here take you out of falkreath.

  6. Except the one where you marry Morwen, Morwen my homie

  7. I'm in the same boat mate. But.... I am a sort of person that can give advice when it's not great for me. I think you need to elaborate on your post and give me details about who I are asking out

  8. She’s a friend of a friend but she talked to me first. We’re snapping each other rn, but we don’t have any classes together. We talk about school & music but we mostly just send each other selfies

  9. Landed knights can hold more lands and have more wealth than lords, they just can’t sentence their subjects like lords can is the only difference. Also wherever said Tarbecks weren’t powerful, at least less powerful than houses Marbrand and Brax?

  10. To my understanding the decline of house Tarbeck was quite gradual, before Aegon V and the Blackfyres they were up there with the lions. Not considering that yeah Tarbecks we’re broke af

  11. Euron dies and does not claim a dragon is all I can say for my synopsis

  12. Euron gets burned to a crisp by Archimedes mirror atop the Hightower.

  13. Leyton kills him by covering himself in oil on a particularly rainy day

  14. Oh dragging your overloaded body from Whiterun carriage towards the town gates so you can sell your totallyneededbanditleatherarmourandironswordsx99 for whopping 100 gold and then just up and dying second away from reaching your goal.

  15. Just make the most unhealthy Dragonborn possible. Weight slider all the way down, balding, thin mustache no particular skills, skooma addiction, no house, fails quests intentionally, at risk of heart attack, etc. I need mods for this

  16. Would totally download this mod if it was random. Like maybe every second there’s a 1 in 1000 chance you just die of a heart attack and reload, would make for some interesting playthroughs

  17. Sandor; I just want to see that bitterness and uncouth chivalry from his own view.

  18. Watch it be one of the saddest, most heartfelt POVs

  19. Still better than Arya spawning behind him, getting past hundreds of White Walkers wearing Skyrim alchemy glitched gear, honestly wouldn’t mind this being the end if Aerys knighting him was the opening scene of the episode rather than cuts

  20. I think it’s pretty consistent. If you pit a random northern footman against a westermen footman 10 times it’d be 5/5

  21. I see the general audience talking more about Paddy, Emma and Matt tbh. It makes sense since three actors have more screen time and majority of people hate the Greens.

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