1. You can literally just put a gain plug-in on the master fader if clipping is your primary concern or on sub buses depending on how you have you session set up. Preferably you have gain staged your session from the start to give yourself ample headroom to automate upwards should you need to.

  2. There’s an IG drummer i watch that uses their kick mic and it’s the best got dang kick mic i’ve ever heard.

  3. I’d love a link if you have one! I’ve finally got a kick sound I’m happy with using some combo of the D12VR, Fet 47 and a small batter side lavaliere. Thought I was finished shopping for a kick mic haha

  4. Cool thanks! Had to scroll quite a lot to find something a bit more natural sounding to get a feel for it as a lot of it is quite processed (though very cool sounding). The crunch sound he has on it at times reminds me of the Drumbrute impact!

  5. What is a distributer? I wonder if I should contact one. Do they commission your music, or how does it work?

  6. They just distribute your music either on a % basis or for a fee.

  7. Soundtoys are still excellent although I would like a substantial update in V6 with proper output controls and maybe oversampling etc. Below is a list of good developers although I will say that I don’t think any developer has an entire catalogue where every plugin they have is best in class. Please buy them though. Or demo and wait until you can afford them. If you wouldn’t want your stuff stolen, don’t steal from others.

  8. I don’t make music, I work professionally as an engineer. You’re the broke one who can’t even afford to buy CLA76 at $29.99. Come back to me when you move out of your moms basement and become an adult. Child.

  9. The vagueness of the "marketing speak" makes me wonder if this has more to do with updating the design to deal with component sourcing issues. Changing to a different type of pot would likely require an update to the front panel too.

  10. Yeah I agree! Could be right on the parts shortages. I think if they said that parts shortages have forced us to redesign it so we took the opportunity to give it a facelift while maintaining the same quality that no one would be bat an eye really.

  11. I mean, how are you using the SM7b? Are you right up on it like you’re supposed to be?

  12. While you can make many types work, if it is of the requisite quality, by adjusting the positioning and type of mic(s) used, I do often find myself preferring acoustics that maybe aren't the absolute most flattering in solo, relatively speaking.

  13. It depends how you are working and how the analogue is being incorporated. You didn't mention if you were breaking the mixing out onto a console or this is just hardware inserts on channels or buses etc. If it's the latter you could target the NR on the channels that are active during those sections. After ensuring everything else is order like your gain staging etc.

  14. It you have the ability to Loopback you may be able to use the output the current Logic project and loop it back to another input which is being recorded into another Logic project. Haven’t tried it myself but worth a shot maybe.

  15. It sounds like you're both trying to give different advice? SayonaraSpoon's advice would lead to more consistent dynamics whereas yours would capture the full frequency more faithfully.

  16. Then they at least need to highlight the shortcomings that come along with their ‘advice’. Their advice on trying to get more consistent dynamics with the SM7b should be ‘don’t move around so much’. Failing that, choose a different microphone. No one is going to sit back and think, Ah what marvellously consistent dynamics while tonally the vocal sounds trash. The aim is always to try and satisfy both criteria and MarioIsPleb is correct in that you will likely critically fail on the tonal side.

  17. This is great advice for LDC vocal mics, but not dynamics.

  18. Agree. Was waiting for this advice to be adjusted for the SM7b but it never came.

  19. A mastering engineer has the same gain/trim plugin every bedroom producer has believe it or not. You can leave any amount you want. They will gain it up or down to their desired level. I would say a generally good rule is just not to clip. Even then, if you export at 32bitfp you won’t actually be clipping and the ME should be able to import the file and again, just gain it down.

  20. Probably the majority. I think that’s how they did the majority of the sampling.

  21. Looks neat. I’ve got the Warm Pultec and have been pretty happy with it. I’m actually a touch grumpy with Heritage right now because I just picked up a Symph EQ unit and it’s being intermittently noisy on one channel. I’m pretty sure it’s bad cabling on my end, but it’s still annoying me.

  22. I would definitely sort that out asap as it obviously shouldn’t be the case! Been thinking of picking up the symph at some stage, I hear the filters are quite good!

  23. The pitch shifting trend likely is a copyright issue as another commenter has pointed out. Recording a cover in a new key will a lot of times be because of the constraints of the vocalists range. Bands often start tuning down as singers age.

  24. I think DIY is a great thing to incorporate! If you wanted to edit in a rule around that, feel free. As co-mod, do I get a Fairchild or...?

  25. The pye is a really unique sound. It permanently lives on my drum bus. I used to throw a modded ssl syle comp on there but it was a little too clean. The pye kinda get into that all buttons in 1176 sound when you start driving it hard but not as drastic.

  26. Cool! I am a designer (and recovering recording engineer) working for a handful of high-end pro-audio manufacturers. I'm cagey about revealing too much info and doxxing myself, but I'll follow along and see if any discussions get technical...

  27. That would be greatly appreciated! I do hope it can be a landing page for manufacturers to maybe post about new releases as well if it takes off.

  28. As an aside, EchoFix makes an excellent 201 clone with balanced on and out XLR connections. I had a 201 for a while and enjoyed it quite a bit and this bit of kit sounds exactly as I remember!

  29. Oh that's cool, I didn't know this existed!

  30. Yes this type of post is perfectly suitable!

  31. Wait, what interface are you using? It tells you what instrument you have plugged in? If you plug in a synth does it tell you it’s a synth? Does it matter? Does it not still sound like a bass?

  32. Was so odd went it happened but very impressive. Antony is slow as shit for a winger

  33. I think this is what really happened. Was watching with my bro who is a United fan and he said very early in the game that he is so fucking slow

  34. The funny thing is he plays like a winger with pace if that makes sense. Usually wingers who aren't as fast are a bit more technical. Not this guy.

  35. I totally get what you mean. It really does seem like he gears up to do that feinting thing where he’s going to commit you to go one way or the other and then burn you for pace but he just really can’t.

  36. No reason to hate the website, it's just doing what it's supposed to (which it telling you how much it will be normalized)!

  37. Yes, it’s function I don’t necessarily hate. I think I said as much. It’s just, who cares? Like who cares how much it’s turned down?

  38. it's quite an old tool. i think it had a lot more utility when it was released. much of what it is telling the user now is common knowledge for everyone.

  39. Just two different companies as far as I know. Langevin, as a brand, has been around longer I believe. I think they were founded in the 1940's during the war as a secondary supplier to Western Electric. After that they started developing well regarded audio equipment. They are now owned by Manley, who still produces products under the Langevin brand, which you can see on their website.

  40. Take nothing for granted but it could definitely be worse. Few potential banana skins in there though, especially as fixtures for the other comps start coming.

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