The Unsolved Murder of Iris Tyson

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  1. Agents will never tell you that stuff unless they’re required to. If you don’t feel comfortable anymore, switch to another one and make sure all the blood splatter was cleaned up before you move in.

  2. How bribeable are the city officials in your area?

  3. Was about to say you need to cozy up to the elected officials.

  4. No. It’s the crew. Very common. I’ve read many comments about this in some of the trades subreddits. The plumbers complain of this and of tradesmen peeing, and pooping, in fixtures before they are even connected.

  5. One of the crew is most likely bringing their dog with them and it’s urinating on the subfloor. I would back out of this purchase.

  6. He needs to slow down. Speaks way too fast. Is he on speed?

  7. This can happen but faster turnover will curb the damage.

  8. If I am buyer all that sh- - is mine now per the contract. And the police will be called if they trespass upon the property again so in actuality I am giving a kindness to allow them this last and final opportunity.

  9. I would place it at the curb. They can take it, others in the neighborhood can help themselves and what’s left gets hauled away in a dumpster and they would get a bill.

  10. Not a realtor but worked with quite a few over the years and many were moms who did it for the flexibility. Once the kids grew up, they moved on. Some stuck with it but stay local. It helps to have a spouse with a payroll job due to the cyclical nature of real estate.

  11. I would take it while you can before waiting another month and getting a lower offer.

  12. It’s normal to be poor when you are this young. You gotta pull yourself up by your bootstraps and plan for a lucrative field, then execute!

  13. I was going to say it’s common for a 22 year old to be sharing a home with others and struggling. Many of us have to work our way up from the bottom. It’s ok. Your child will learn what true character is about.

  14. Just listened to the podcast and it’s obvious who dunnit. Such a shame a nice guy like Matthew didn’t meet someone worthy of him.

  15. Eh I'm not too keen on being a landlord. I honestly am just trying to find a way to keep and maintain the house until it's paid off and my daughter is older. I want to leave her some type of property and land to start herself off with. I suppose after reading these comments, that's not a super smart thing to do.

  16. Sure it is. It would be good for her to have real estate but only if you can afford it. Renting to others will deteriorate the property because nobody will maintain it as well as you will. Can you stay and buy him out?

  17. Nobody starves in America do to lack of resources. People with college debt are not impoverished people. They range in people who are working class/middle class to wealthy(or will be wealthy). College grads make much more then people without college educations and that is more then enough money. We should be helping poor people regardless of education

  18. Plenty of skilled tradesmen and women earn as much as degreed individuals, usually without the debt since trade schools are more efficient than universities.

  19. So I get to pay off others’ student loans while paying my own mortgage! What a deal. Thanks, Mr. President!

  20. You didn’t seem to mind sending billions to Ukraine. When it comes to your own citizens, there’s now a problem.

  21. Liz Cheney is a hack. She’s trying to settle the score for Trump ruining Jeb Bush’s campaign. She’s a tool of the Bush/Cheney dynasty which is dying a righteous death.

  22. Their ideas stink so they need formal training like that.

  23. Sounds like the work of a deranged homeless individual. Poor Iris.

  24. Since I learned about her case, I've been thinking about that like crazy. A homeless man? Maybe she saw something she shouldn't? A robbery that went terribly wrong? Some pervert trying to assault her (the reason of the pants down) or the pants were just something to divert attention? A kidnap attempt that went wrong? Maybe the murderer is someone she knew and betrayed her? Maybe a secret life she had? So many questions...

  25. I take back the homeless person theory. Looking at maps where she was found and where the shopping center was, it doesn’t seem likely she was taken on foot but was likely driven to the lot. A homeless person couldn’t have pulled it off. But a career criminal would have used a more sophisticated weapon. Cases that don’t fit into a profile are toughest to solve.

  26. If you listed “as-is” for less than market, they can repair it themselves. If not, give them a credit.

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