1. OTR is like any urban area. Overall, it's completely safe. Sure, you go out at 3am by yourself, you might have a problem, otherwise, you'll be just fine.

  2. I friggin live near here, not a blizzard. Are you a visitor to the region? Regardless, get good gear, shut up and play, like we do all year round.

  3. True feelings aren't politics. We've elected a fraud and taken a big step towards one party rule in this state. The GOP is going to gerrymander the fuck out of the maps now that they have control of the OSC.

  4. Lol yeah. Landsman is going to care so much about Northside when he is in DC 🤣😭🤣.

  5. As I wrote above, had they actually reported on what these companies PAC's supported it would have been newsworthy. They didn't, they selectively reported a handful of people, and narrowed down said people's entire political platform to one issue (a 2 year old issue, at that). This is a tactic of online blogs and tabloids, but a once respectable business journal.

  6. A 2 year old issue that is still being litigated, with some people running for office that may yet be charged. Yes, it's still relevant.

  7. Unfortunately the least of the issues to worry about with the expected GOP supermajority to get even more power........legalized weed isn't worth living in their planned theocratic regime.

  8. ToB in general isn't nearly as good as it was. Started during COVID for sure, that plus expansion, they haven't done good quality control.

  9. Fuck Datto now that they are Kayseya. Service has gone massively downhill. Their best engineers are now gone or leaving. Prices will go up for absolutely nothing.

  10. I loved Zantigo's! The chilito was definitely my fav back in the day!

  11. I am leaving an organization partially because of this. I have a budget. Over half of that budget is spent on software I didn't even get to consult or give an opinion on before it was purchased. I could elevate the entire organization for what two people spent on software that only one department partially uses, and that not well. All because "leaders" don't talk with the actual experts, they saw some damn commercial and are all in, damn the cost.

  12. Lived at the Banks for a year. If you are even slightly concerned about noise, don't do it. I'm sure it's great for folks nostalgic for college, but.....

  13. Esoteric has cornhole and a selection of board games to play.

  14. A perfect example of why this upcoming midterm election is so important. So few people realize just how much our democracy and our country is on a knife edge at the moment.

  15. Complaints about this would carry more weight if F—- Trump hadn’t been everywhere from 2016-20 (some of it from people who complain about it being used now). Or similar sentiments towards Obama and Bush in their day. I do not know who started all of this, but it wasnt this particular dude. The opposition isn’t evil folks, it’s just the opposition.

  16. Everything the Trump GOP represents is absolutely evil. Ask any Holocaust survivor how familiar his rhetoric and his absolutely slavishly devoted fanbase are.

  17. I blame remote working. To many people from California and NY and other parts of the US were getting priced out/looking for a better cost of living situations and found good old Cincinnati.

  18. As someone that does remote work that is NOT software development, I think you need to re-evaluate your stereotypes. And no, I don't make money like a developer either.

  19. Be comfortable! It tends to be a little on the cool side inside. Business casual is always safe, though you won't feel out of place if you dress up (or down) from there for most shows. As someone else said, I tend to dress for wherever we might eat before/after.

  20. Knockback Nat's, Braxton Cinci, TaglioOTR, The Pitch............all good places. Queen City Exchange, Lucius Q, Brewdog, also likely to be good spots.

  21. You can easily get uptown via Gilbert the way the old streetcars used to do it as well. This would allow you to include Walnut Hills and Evanston in that plan.

  22. If you are open to walking, there's a ton you could visit pretty easily. Everything recommended thus far is good, Sotto is a great local recommendation. I'd also recommend Pepp & Dolores, Alcove by Madtree, TaglioOTR, Losanti, Goose and Elder, and Pho Lang Thang on this side. Smoke Justis, Amerasia Kung Food across the river. All walking distance if the weather is halfway decent, cheap Uber if not, and all are local spots with different types of food.

  23. We bought a bunch of stuff from Haverty's a couple years ago, and we've been happy with the quality of the pieces. Big sectional, couch, lounger. It's held up well against our cats and dog.

  24. Mercy dictates what services their doctors can and can't offer. When it comes to health, I don't want religious bias coming between me and the best things to make me well. Most of the good doctors for Mercy have left, including my primary care long ago when Mercy bought his practice out from under him and tried to tell him he could no longer prescribe certain drugs they found "morally objectionable".

  25. I order frequently, definitely my favorite place online to get discs! Yes, it can be slow at times, but it's still awesome.

  26. I do highly recommend the Ohio MMJ program if you are looking for something non-narcotic. Riverhills Neuroscience in Norwood has a pain clinic on site, but it's just one part of what they do. If your mom suffers from neuropathy, it's absolutely one of the things they specialize in. They can prescribe narcotics but are surprisingly open to other methods of treatment for those that don't want go that route. It's certainly worth a shot to give them a call.

  27. Support: Esoteric Brewing, Northern Row, Fireside Pizza, The Fix, Brew House, Pet Athletic Club, Latin House

  28. Man I had some wild nights there when it was Vertigo.

  29. Verilife in Cinci is the only way to go. Clean, polite and always friendly. And they hold your order when you order online.

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