1. I was already planning on going but when I saw it was in Phoenix I registered immediately. Lol

  2. Ok I’m thinking of going solo. Was it pretty easy to Uber/lyft to the workshop? I’m from Texas. Never been to AZ. Did it feel pretty safe?

  3. She’s not the photographer … she didn’t take the photo from that angle herself or focus it on her crotch or choose the direction of the ad. I didn’t see crotch first. Maybe that’s just me though ?

  4. You can DM me. We all need someone to talk to but we don’t all have people in this lifestyle to talk too.

  5. Whatever he's paying her it clearly isn't enough because I don't think she would've started an OF if she was being paid more fairly lol

  6. I can almost guarantee even if she made 100k+ she’d have an OF. She has a large social media presence. I don’t know what kind of content is on her OF but she could post just bikini pics if she wanted and make 10k a month from OF.

  7. They’ve both been really open and honest about the physical toll it takes on their body, aside from competing. I don’t have endo but my cycle fluctuations are wild and it’s comforting knowing you’re not alone. Especially when it comes to bodybuilding.

  8. Damn. I love Jazzy! But good for her, priorities are priorities and it’s healthy for her to prioritize herself.

  9. The shape is waaay off. It great that she’s sweet but, that’s not enough to go back.

  10. Your skin is beautiful. You’re fairly petite, it most likely just because you have a lower body fat and this not much fat on your face.

  11. NTA. This is something my mom did and still does, I’m 32 and my mom still goes out the way to personalize our families stuff. She was a middle child so she hates sharing but also for that reason knows how important it is to have things that are yours and no one else’s. If your daughter is particular (I know I am) then having stationary etc. that she loves and makes her feel special helps to motivate her.

  12. That’s ok! I don’t mean to attack at all but as someone who works with this population it’s important to me. But I totally get your point and agree that he acts classless and I’ve always thought of her as a class act. It’s sad because it has always appeared from the outside like she’s been deliberate in creating her image and then he came along and shat all over it. But if she’s fine with it then that’s what matters I guess.

  13. I noticed that too, there is a huge disparity in the image she’s curated for herself as a brand and the image he’s curated for her as an extension of his brand. I do actually think image she sells is authentic and very much her. I’m with you though, if she likes it I love it.

  14. Cream of rice, 30ish grams + 150 grams egg whites + 10-15g favorite protein powder. Mix vigorously and microwave for two minutes, stirring every 30 seconds. Comes out kind of like bread pudding.

  15. Other then keeping the same structure by packing your food, eating before you go out, or planning macros ahead of time it sucks but, you do have to just suck it the fuck up. “Sucking it up” is a habit, the longer you do it the easier it becomes. Also recognizing you’re not missing out, its just food or alcohol etc. it will be there when YOUR’RE ready to enjoy it. You go out for experiences, if you keep that in mind and the fact that at some point you’ll get to consume those foods helps a lot. When your macros are higher take advantage of that eat something you wouldn’t normally get to eat.

  16. I don’t know what federation she is in. And she doesn’t really look competitive, especially by NPC standards but why is it bad that she has an only fans ? I guess if she actually looked like a competitive competitor (bodybuilder) in say NPC would it be appropriate for her to post here if she has an only fans or it’s still frowned upon ?

  17. I don't think her having OF is a problem for the people here. Look at the other female's post her that got like 2.5k upvotes, she also has OF but she actually looks jacked and like someone who has put in a lot of work. Unlike OP

  18. Fair. That’s kind of why I feel like it’s a federation difference too. Most people in this sub I think are about a more muscular aesthetic like NPC, IFBB maybe OCB. But that more natural, softer look maybe is better suited for the natural bodybuilding forum. Like to me she doesn’t look like a competitor but I prefer a bigger harder look even for bikini (which I am)

  19. Well did they say that because of your race or because of your ignorance on the matter? Might these things be closely tied?

  20. Honestly I gave you the upvote I was picking up what you’re putting down

  21. Duuude. Noticed that too ! And loved that they responded to you when we essentially asked the same question, only difference is you stated you’re white.

  22. Lol. It’s been co-opted to mean just that but it was a touched more nuanced than that. That being said she in the most basic and oversimplified meaning of the term true to your definition she looks exactly like a city girl. Her whole aesthetic gives thot.

  23. ohhh gotcha! I jnow ive heard it makes people break out but i thought biotin was supposed to be good for your skin thats why i was confused gaha

  24. Biotin decreases B5. B vitamins in general help your body break down lipids. In the most oversimplified way B5 helps break down oils under your skin. Biotin itself doesn’t cause breakouts as much as it ruins the balance and creates an environment for breakouts. You can supplement B5 or just cut back on biotin. A lot of products are loaded with biotin so depending on what you drink or take for vitamins B5 or a B Complex is worth considering.

  25. Got it! I was so confused 😂 I was looking all over the pictures and title for anything mentioning wellness. That comment must’ve already been gone when I saw this.

  26. No worries, I assume they deleted it cause they were downvoted. Lol. Based on their past comments they weren’t US based.

  27. Normally I’m a middle part fan and it looks great on her but this side part looks gorgeous on her, she looks so glamorous!

  28. Daraja definitely looks the most aesthetically pleasing. Nothing can beat how fluid her posing is and those looooong glutes. Back pose though I slightly prefer Jodie and Roxane. Daraja just seems softer than the rest of the lineup; and her back pose look very slightly top heavy. Could be the specific photo though.

  29. when she’s leaner she doesn’t look as top heavy. I feel like her glutes look smaller than last season but that could just be because she’s softer and/or the angle. I’m sure she’ll make it to Olympian so I’m excited to see the changes.

  30. Thanks, that’s encouraging! I’m doing a local muscle contest show, planning on entering both open and true novice.

  31. Are you crossing over or just doing Wellness? I’d strongly suggest doing wellness and bikini. You have more muscle than a bikini girl at a local show but enough for bikini at a national level. Depending on what state you’re in for Wellness at a local level you’ll do really well! If you want to do well on a national level in wellness even with gear you’ll need to grow, like a lot. Probably for a year or two. If your goal isn’t nationals or a pro card (everyone’s isn’t) then that’s not a concern.

  32. Sorry ! I thought it said 5. I remember your other posts and you’re leaning out really well, I’m sure you’ll be ready.

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