Fishermen rescue two girls who were swept out to sea

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[NSFL] Footage of heavy machinery being used to clean up piles of corpses at a concentration camp. This is the reality of what it means to be a Nazi.

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‘I like Hitler’: Kanye West praises Nazi during Alex Jones interview

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  1. That's the CIA. Most things the CIA does they don't even tell the president about. Some say it's so he has deniability. It's really because then he can't say no

  2. Still waiting for you to list communists and people threatening capitalists profits

  3. MLK was at least a socialist, and he was assassinated days before he was going to lead the Poor People’s March on DC. He organized a bunch of people to demand economic rights, but was assassinated before it came to fruition. Fred Hampton was a communist, the FBI murdered him in his sleep.

  4. They don’t mention him by name and thats probably because he’s directly show adjacent/was a guest

  5. They apparently have a rule to not shittalk former guests

  6. That episode with him ranting about how much he loves cops was a severe low point for the show. *mber was unsurprisingly there for it, but my memory is Will even seemed to find it off-putting.

  7. Ranting about how the George Floyd protests were bad… on my punk leftist podcast?????

  8. her jaw is so clocky and it makes her prettier

  9. It must be voice, your face 100% passes. It’ll be nice to 101% pass tho

  10. It's true I don't voicetrain, but sometimes my huge unpassing masc body clocks me first

  11. I don't think so, look at my side profile

  12. Tbh don’t think it’s that bad, you got the fem essence

  13. damn those hips on the right tho 😍😍😍😍😍


  15. I broke down and finally did this, I did not expect my most dysphoria-induced-selfie to get gendered woman by the AI…… I might literally have bdd……….. I should really voice train more……………..

  16. You just said “definitely true regarding razor bumps”

  17. I’m easily influenced. I checked when you mentioned it and they’re freckles

  18. To be honest I've thought he was trans based off the lyrics since 2007-ish. Egg definitely makes sense lmao

  19. I just think you might find it a better use of your time and effort to theorycraft around things that actually exist, and not medically-discredited transphobic internet memes

  20. You sound upset. Did something you read on the internet rustle your jimmies?

  21. Which makes me think this kind of thing is for people who don't want to admit they have no self control with regard to food. They wanna indulge and not feel bad about it.

  22. I wouldn't go as far as to say that I am helping them or justifying them in anyway. It is my belief that everyone has an opinion in life, and not everyone is going to agree with them or what they say, and that is ok. Its nothing to lose sleep over, especially with something said on the internet.

  23. idk maybe my hair obscures it but i have 16in shoulders on a 5'3 body it looks rly bad proportionally

  24. Not just that but people put in camps for homosexuality were forced to serve the rest of their sentences even after the allies liberated the camps.

  25. I visited Auschwitz three years ago. I obviously knew about the Holocaust. I knew the numbers, I knew the methods, I knew what led to it. I simply wasn't prepared for the experience. My mind struggled to compute the sheer scale of what they did, and the complicity of so many people.

  26. Trans genocide happening in America (and other large parts of the world).

  27. Feels like not saying "I love Hitler" should've been one of the easier lines to not cross, but here we are.

  28. But he’s such a brave artist, he doesn’t afraid of anything /s

  29. kendrick has lyrics about that too how come he doesn’t get shit for it

  30. Kendrick severely limits his “I like Hitler” quotes.

  31. imo in rainbows and ok computer dont have lows, at most they have imperfections but i cant name a single song on either of them that isnt at least good

  32. I have Bipolar 2, Borderline Personality Disorder, and ADHD. I've been involuntarily committed twice, have stopped taking my meds on several occasions and have had quite a few psychotic breaks. You know what NEVER happened during any of that? I didn't declare war on the Jews and start praising fucking Adolph Hitler. Mental illness doesn't turn you into a Nazi sympathizer, stop spreading bullshit like this and causing even more stigma against people like myself.

  33. Going on 6 years now, or longer depending on what anecdotes you believe

  34. I was responding to that specific part of that comment.

  35. Yeah, I’d throw up from the smell. Fatties are nasties. Cope because you have no chance of ever landing an attractive thin woman.

  36. Explain why you think its lunacy....why do you believe that the human race is somehow limited on population size (which then limits business growth size).

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