1. I mean.. if you define the importance of a thing by the change that would result in society of everyone stoped doing it that kinda stupid ngl. If you think about it washing your hands after going to the bathroom is something pretty small, if everybody around you stopped doing it there would not be any noticeable effects, according to your thought process this means that washing your hands after going to the bathroom is "NPC behavior" and we should stop doing it. NO, just because something doesn't have a substantial effect on the society as a whole does not mean that that thing is inherently useless.

  2. The honest answer is probably the rook, because the queen is just a fun piece and without it the games are so boring, the pawns are just necessary for obvious reasons, the knight has a very peculiar movement pattern , and the bishop allows you to create cross board pressure and require good board vision to be able to face effectively, the rook on the other end is just the bad part of the queen.

  3. By your definition of sqrt(), it would not be a function, because it would map two y values to one x value

  4. I'm probably dumb for saying this but I feel that it all depends on the definition of a square root u use. Because if you want it to be a function then it shall only return the positive value, but if u just let it be the operation that solves the equation x2 =a then it yields two solutions no?

  5. Women are good at being women

  6. Waht, no I mean, I'm comparing it to the size of how it was when I was 10 ;-; don't worry, I don't have any kids in my basement (also I am in no way an alpha male)

  7. Don't lie we all know you use them to satisfy your sexual desires.

  8. Women are you doing today I mean I don't know what to say to someone who lost a lot of weight than I thought it would be like to comment on the side of the road do they drive to the store and get back to you on

  9. I mean as a European, specifically Italian, o can say that the first one isn't exactly an exclusively American problem.

  10. Quando i giornali internazionali titolano "l'Italia torna al fascismo" forse abbiamo fatto una cazzata, anche più di una magari.

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