Chapter 1062 Spoilers

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The process of taking a painful L

  1. Sake version is the what Zoro did understand from what Luffy said.

  2. And? You think any of those things have magic properties that make you unkillable?

  3. As I said, Saul has to have enough haki to counter Aokiji's df power... both of them were VA that time, of course, Saul had something that promoted him to VA... And as for D, D has latent potential, it's all about oneself... how much one hones his/her skills

  4. Ok, my lose here... Now chopper did unfroze luffy & robin... Can't someone do the same to Saul?

  5. Ik he asked for spoilers but dude you just Spoiled biggest moments of this series

  6. No, this is not brain damage, this sounds more lime withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms can take a while, but will definately pass! Try to exercise, that might help

  7. IT WAS A NORMAL KICK..goddammit!!! Read detailed spoiler... obviously a normal kick will

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