2. I just read that whole thing and nowhere did he said he hates Jews

  3. Perfect example of my theory. Those two are big and they don’t use a “heavy” LA accent like say bigsad1900 blue face bluebucksclan or treyway.

  4. Kendrick is from Compton but if we gone do that blueface is a mainstream rapper

  5. I remember my dad told me one of his homies shittin on one of they opps graves 💀💀💀they was really disrespectful back then

  6. He’s smart he don’t have worry about a label taking his money and giving him the smallest portion

  7. “Niggas think this shit is a joke….til it’s not” - 🤓🧑🏻‍💻

  8. Lol you don't know me or where I am from. Just because I can articulate myself and have a broad vocabulary doesn't mean I'm not from where I'm from. I'd really smack the shit out of you irl. My left hand likely exerts more power than your entire body can produce. You bum ass LA niggas think you are so gutter, when yall live in beautiful high income areas. I'm from Brazil where people who are stuck with your mentality get their tongues pulled out through a hole in their neck at an early age. I feel sorry for you, honestly. I remember moving to the pjs in Newark, NJ and thinking about how lucky i was to be there and how nice the area was in comparison. Drakeo is a mid teir rapper, that's just an objective fact. Get over it.

  9. U are a nerd a geek a point dexter a square bob this will be the last and final time I’ll be responding to ur nerd ass comments Ik ur type and I’m not finna play along go kick rocks

  10. yeah but crip are known historically one of the gayer gangs, literally, known for fucking their own homeboys look it up if you think i'm lying.

  11. Let this niggas be stupid 😂yk what type of people they is in real life

  12. Will bands music fye these comments trippin like a mf

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