1. Ive become a big believer in the 5 Love Languages and the “love tank” - and it definitely applies with pAP / AP as well,

  2. I (48M) have two real life long friends. One - a guy my age Ive known since we were in the military at 18 who is also in this life. And one - a F Ive known for 15+ years who was part of this life-ish (playmate to SO and I both years ago - shes not spoken to my SO in 11+ years). They both know everything. When my previous LTAP broke my heart - they were both there to help put me back together.

  3. I met a new AP a few years ago. I was 43 she about the same. Married at 18. She had never given nor received oral in her entire life. I didnt totally buy it but it was quickly (and painfully lol) apparent at least part of this was true.

  4. My SO is both. However - 20 years of marriage, marjor differences in libido. Changing ideas on sexuality (we used to be in swing and poly etc etc. Now she has religion and even basic positions are frowned on now) and I found myself completely unfulfilled in my marriage. Here I am…

  5. I dont think theres anything wrong with it - lots of people do it. I do however think if its more than one time or involves lots of chatting/texting/communicating other than sex its damn hard for people to not have feelings - and not all of them are positive

  6. Ive been doing this a long time. As first I was just lonely in my own home. I met some other lonely / emotionally unsupported women. We had fun and become friends and lovers.

  7. I would encourage guy to get this testosterone checked. I wish I has done it earlier. My drive never suffered but I realize now what a mental fog I was living in.

  8. Its hard. And you will not totally succeed. I went through the same thing and thought I was doing fine - until my wife asked me why I was crying in my sleep.

  9. 9 months of hard hard work. Lost 50lbs of fat and started stacking on muscle. Im in better shape at 48 than I was at 28.

  10. Ive been in this life a long time - never paid (directly anyway). My good friend has a really nice long running SD relationship- like 4 years now. It seems pretty ideal for both - but I cant imagine something like they have is too easy to find.

  11. Ive always had huge income disparity with AP’s. And typically I do enjoy spoiling and for the most part dont mind handling the expenses. However - after long periods of time it does start to chaffe a little. Especially when gets to be taken for granted.

  12. Ill say this - I had an AP I was with for nearly 3 years. Meant a lot to me. With my obsessive OPSEC I did not allow us to take one picture together. We broke up (badly) but Im through it now - my only goddamn regret is that there is not a single picture of US.

  13. Without being overly explicit - vibrating plug in you backside during like missionary- plug buzzing against the bottom of my cock - is fucking mind blowing.

  14. You don't go out for a happy hour or with friends?

  15. There is only one magic spell that works: time

  16. Unfortunately its sounds like a man slightly drunk on new relationship energy. The most powerful narcotic on earth - and people can say some dopey stuff when high on it.

  17. I completely agree with this. There's nothing wrong with feelings. But 4 weeks in and he's ready to leave his wife?? That feels like NRE and a guy who's been ignored by his wife for years and finally getting some excellent attention.

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