1. Too many mics on jbp for Joe to even entertain the idea. The show has moved on so far from what it was, both in terms of tone and visuals, that bringing Rory on would be of no benefit. Whilst I like him, he also isn't that big a personality or funny enough to walk in a room with five new people who have made it their home, and add much of anything to the pod. They won't have him on as a guest and ask him questions cos he's more or less a nobody, whereas that route would work with someone like akademiks. The time when this could have happened is way in the past

  2. Y’all crazy. Rory the second best podcaster after Joe over everybody every affiliated with the JBN.

  3. Yeah he sick af and it’s getting worse as time goes one. Niggas asked her do she keep her eyes open in missionary.

  4. But according to AD and Pun that don't count.. which is bullshit.. cause I thought I could have sworn that they said any type of telling by a street dude is snitching... This shit is gettin stupid..

  5. I didn’t see your comment or would have just replied to yours with added details. Searched it out just to give you an upvote. 👍 Definitely shouldn’t have been downvoted by people who believe it’s stopper glitter…

  6. Lol nah you good bro. Appreciate the upvote. I wasn’t hating on you at all. I appreciate the in-depth info you added as well. I’m just confused at the crowd lol.

  7. Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe you caught people on their T break. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

  8. Hahaha that’s funny because I’m currently on one. 3 weeks strong after 10 years daily!

  9. He definitely rolling with the Nazis. Then when he gets out, he’s going to say he just did it for survival, and didn’t agree with any of their views/beliefs.

  10. it will come, I'm keen to get an update once you start feeling positive changes!

  11. Get that puppy to go and a loaf of bread, voila! Sandwiches for the week!!

  12. I’m just leaving a paper trail for anybody interested in these “overly expensive” seeds bro

  13. Definitely could’ve went longer but looks beautiful for a first timer. Congratulations!

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