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  1. Lia has a great attitude. Her classes are very calm, no music. She has a variety of class lengths. She uses a lot of the bala weights and a small ball in her workouts so they are easy to do anywhere.

  2. I almost downvoted this post just based on the tweet.

  3. Because this version of the l word is driven by love/lust stories, there is nothing left for her to do. There’s not a lot of meat on this bone. They could have talked about issues affecting older women, but that might not involve being lesbian.

  4. Yes. There needs to be a public service announcement: Black women (for the most part) do not want to discuss our hair with you.

  5. A lot of people are agreeing on profiling people based on using woke as an insult. I think wokeism is real and disgusting and harmful and is not a right wing conspiracy at all. Maybe these people have never actually engaged with "activist" types before or worked with them.

  6. What is “wokeism”? “Being woke” is to be aware of the sociopolitical injustices that plagued Black people and thwarted their upward social mobility. It can be extended to understanding the challenges of any minority group as a result of systemic biases within our society.

  7. Nothing about that says that the folks gentrifying are all white. Gentrifiers are simply college educated urbanites. ESP in CA where college graduates are more diverse you’re going to see folks of many races (especially Asian!) gentrifying


  9. To be fair the majority of people in the USA are white so yeah it’ll probably be the majority. I do think economic diversity is good but ultimately I’d rather see racial diversity if I had to choose

  10. Yeah I like racial diversity too. It’s what makes this city great. If people can’t afford to live here to contribute to the culture, we’d be doing ourselves a disservice. It’s already annoying that many ethnic restaurants have been pushed to the outskirts of the city or in surrounding cities. That’s not to say there aren’t some here but the reason why we have so many food trucks is partially because the rent is too damn high.

  11. Uh that was a broad sitcom, none of the characters act remotely close to how anyone on this show acts. You may not like Finley, but she never violates boundaries in the over the top way Urkel did

  12. I wonder how old these people with these opinions are.

  13. I kind of find these opinions insulting as someone who is neurodivergent. People don’t realize that the world is full of all sorts of people and not all of us are great when it comes to social graces.

  14. And the reason many women give for attempting suicide by less lethal means? They can't imagine their family dealing with the mess of a death by gun shot. Even in our lowest moments, many women STILL think of others.

  15. One of the really good schools in my area went down in size to the point where they are constantly the discussions of potential annexation.

  16. I know this sounds weird but they all remind me of the NPC meme. All bought during COVID. All over paid by a lot. All of them drive either a suburb, Tesla or Prius. They all have an adopted dog they refer to as a fur baby, they all have the same glasses. They all work the same service sector type job. None know how to cut firewood or mow or leaf blow.

  17. This tweet is a joke. If you tried this in person with an English major nearby they would troll you for not knowing the difference between a noun and a pronoun.

  18. Lol I don't care much for race-swapping but please stop over-exposing Tom Holland like they've done with Chris Pratt.

  19. My family is Afro-Latin from another region and this is common knowledge about the Dominicans unfortunately. Hope they can work through whatever the beef or nonsense or whatever is.

  20. It didn't even make sense that Tina got so pissed in the first place. The whole thing just felt like a 7th grader's idea of a TV script.

  21. I think the thought was that Tina’s career had taken a backseat to Bette’s in order to have their family. Bette is written as character who places her needs above those of her partners. She’s usually in control.

  22. I feel like the show is constantly punishing Bette for her OG S1 behaviour. Obviously that’s the season where Bette is working and Tina isn’t and Bette kind of tramples over her when it comes to her work etc. Except in all other seasons Bette has drooled all over Tina being boss lady and waxed lyrical about how good she is at her job. As wel as moving to New York at the end of the OG etc. it’s like sometimes I want to say to the writers ‘you know that’s not the only season that happened right?’ 😂

  23. They don't want the OGs to grow really. Or they don't know how to write it. But it's unrealistic to expect someone to be the exact same way they were 15-20 years ago. Maybe if you're a TV writer in your 20s, it seems like people stay the same, but people change in subtle and overt ways over the years.

  24. I will be that THAT person on Reddit because I think the one on the right is a juvenile male. The females don't get blue feathers on their heads like that, and the males don't get the eyed feathers we associate with peacocks until they are sexually mature, and only during the breeding season. The bird on the right doesn't have a fully blue chest, which makes me think it's immature.

  25. Oh, film-noir is also an important genre from this era, so maybe The Maltese Falcon or Double Indemnity.

  26. I don’t know that you can show kids shootings, insinuated sex, and murder plots.

  27. You can only teach them about those things in history and science classes, and read books about them in English?

  28. I still wouldn’t do anything with murder and shooting. Not if it were my job. It takes one kid to be traumatized and have his or her (or their) parents complain.

  29. I also detect a trend of pulling back on sex scenes in television and movies. It’s weird because porn is as popular as ever, but steamy sex scenes with a storyline, real emotion, and expressions of love between characters can hardly be found.

  30. I guess it's a fine line between what draws you in emotionally and the superficiality of a generic naked female. I'm invested in the characters of Bette and Tina so just seeing them touch fingers had me swooning. An explicit sex scene between two female characters who were new wouldn't be as alluring for me. I understand what you are saying about the true/realistic expressions of love. It might have been a long time ago for me but I never made love to a woman when we were both partially clothed....

  31. Lol. Yeah. I think that’s more about the actresses being older and less comfortable with their bodies being seen in that way.

  32. Damnn next time leave instructions. You are better thn me though 12 hours of work i would have been livid

  33. You’re right. I should have been very specific but she was already mad at me for visiting a friend last minute. Next time I will not leave my post!

  34. Pacing of this season does seem a little bit slow.

  35. I think they said she got a new job on Blackbird. I’m unsure about whether she can do both.

  36. They’re free but they do take donations- entirely non-profit!

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