1. Just put the Kindred futa body pillow away. Unfortunately society is too bigoted to understand you.

  2. Why do we need to hide our faith? It shouldn’t matter what piece of meat one believes in. Be it a man from Bethlehem, an assortment of people symbolizing different archetypal constructs or a 12 inch horse cock wielding bipedal lamb, we should all be treated equally. Because at the end of the day we are all equally pointless in the endless expanse of aurelion sol‘s anus.

  3. Thank you sire, your words humble me. As by your command I shall wait for a better more open world, for that the majestic lamb may take its place in the hearts of those who are willing to listen to her call. Praise be with you, praised be the one and only lamb.

  4. Alright boys we already have our destination now we just need a Panzerkampfwagen vi

  5. To big for the shitty german road, and gets stuck in denser forrests with squishy ground i would prefer the new rheinmetal lynx, that is narrower and is speedy(or the fennek for the furry drip and high speeds up to 110kmp/h)

  6. Nah if one already goes old school why not the Puma (Sd. Kfz. 234)

  7. according to this post she's a gilf 😳😳😳

  8. There is nothing to ask. Only things to repent to our lord and savior, Rabadons Deathcat.


  10. Except un in Spanish is an article whilst Uno is the number.

  11. People sometimes use un instead of uno. It sounds cooler. For example

  12. Are you sure the guy who stopped talking wasn't just three children in a trenchcoat?

  13. Nah the hate towards a digital cat is so great with most league players, that it’s actually surprising they didn’t commit a hate crime…

  14. I hate that I know exactly what you meant by this.

  15. Anyone who has tried what tim has to offer cannot go back to any other form of living.

  16. Compared to almost every cafe or fast foot restaurant I have available in Germany, Tim Hortons is still miles better. And ever since they expanded to Mexico, I get to enjoy my favorite coffees/shakes when visiting my family. So whilst I’m unaware of any drop in quality, I can wholeheartedly tell you that it tastes just like I remembered it from my childhood, which is to say awesome.

  17. I am racist against all AI arts my attitude deny me from laughing at this humorous joke

  18. This is terrible information, you’re supposed to bite down on their bottom row of teeth as hard as you can

  19. My brain just screamed “just like a nail clipper” and I feel like it took 40 years of my life

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