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  1. Nah mate. There have been people in white cults way worse then this kid who have been reformed.

  2. Picking fights like this (others are reporting he has a history of this), he's not going to last long enough to reform.

  3. show the proof that he "has a history of this"

  4. It doesn't matter. I'm not literally saying this guy should die. I'm saying this dude isn't going to live long acting like this. I mentioned what others mentioned in these comments. Doesn't matter if those people are lying or not. I'm not wasting time of my day researching this waste of life.

  5. Unless it's scripted, the camera man would have had no idea a good Samaritan was coming... so they were just standing next to the railing, recording a complete stranger having a hard time at the mall?

  6. I saw a distant galaxy, I think I might want to put this up on my wall

  7. I wanted a more realistic looking one too.

  8. I‘m blown away. Worked so much better than anticipated. There will be more for sure

  9. Is this not something the subreddit puts on daily anyway? If not then what the hell are we doing? Maybe we could use the winner of the previous day to start the generations for the next day. At the end of the year it could be a neat animation

  10. Really I was seriously looking for a Donald out there or Denold probably 😁

  11. The people in the lands between look down upon natural births.

  12. I mean yeah I think it's dumb they don't work inside, but if they're gonna put people outside the least they can do is keep them protected from the elements like this.

  13. The problem isn't the protection for the worker. The problem is having a worker stand outside. There are dozens of better solutions to this problem before forcing the employee into a small box outside. Why not just create an ordering kiosk like every other fast food organization?

  14. Didn't he promise that we'd see that update weeks ago?

  15. The constitutional system of democracy is set up as a means to govern society in an organized way. It’s not doing a good job, but it has potential. It just needs to fall into the right hands.

  16. Death to America so we can rebuild as something worth defending. Not whatever the hell this is.

  17. I agree with the idea of rebuilding something worth defending. But into whose hands will that rebuilding fall? There’s no guarantee it wouldn’t be a worse system that replaces it

  18. Well it won't be worse than the damage capitalism has doomed our earth to burn for.

  19. You made an argument, and I'm posting in response. I have just as much right to post as you do. You don't own this subreddit.

  20. Oh you think Frugal is people who are thriving under capitalism? You have responded with the same thing several times in this comment chain. You're not adding anything new and insulting the people who frequent here.

  21. Oh, surprised to find someone else who thought it was a good idea to take a rage bait stance.

  22. the audible calls to pause for laughter are hilarious

  23. I just watched for a few minutes and they had this ice cream episode one word for word as you described. It must recycle some content.

  24. it was edited 11 minutes ago. i saw it too lol

  25. Omg two hours later. They pulled you in 😨

  26. They were probably afraid that it will break the balance of the game.

  27. Yeah, well they broke it. Made it unusably broken.

  28. Optional yeah. Secret, not really. Hardest? That’s subjective.

  29. Literally behind two secret items labeled "Secret" behind a secret puzzle.

  30. I've always loved the look and concept of the one-bar prison, but I can't get past the fear of the absolutely catastrophic injury that would occur if her knees buckled, she turned an ankle, or passed out.

  31. I started cringing for that same reason why I didn't see another point of suspension. The fear of that immense pain/damage gave me the shivers down my back.

  32. It's hard to feel optimistic about anything the US government does when it can't even do this due to corrupt lobbying.

  33. My optimism only shows anymore when I'm thinking about how fast this country is collapsing. Maybe after it collapses sometime will change enough for me to not pray for death every week.

  34. Jesus it's not that bad, you need a therapist if you're praying for death

  35. Yeah? I don't have proper medical care and I suffer from lots of mental trauma. You're right. I need a therapist. But I live in America so I can't afford one.

  36. I'm not sure you read my post very closely. I said the issue was police excessive force and violation of our civil rights. I was just pointing out that use of lethal force is a case where the police are actually pretty decent. They mostly only use lethal force in justifiable situations.

  37. I see your point a bit better. It's hard for me to let people talk about how "The killings are not that bad".

  38. Perhaps your should take your own advice rather than living in your own anarko-communist fantasy

  39. I'm not an anarchist. Do you not agree with something I said or was that all you had to offer?

  40. If my viewers asked I'd probably allow it.

  41. Answered your question in a lower comment. I'm a nobody.

  42. A free payday from idiots willing to hold regardless of how much they're fleeced.

  43. A chat bot is what you're choosing to focus on? A chat bot? Talk about the need for renewables all you want, but a chat bot?

  44. I find it frustrating that they’re building a building for office space and no plans for parking space.

  45. The parking would take up more land than the apartments would. Livable cities rely on public transportation and become undrivable without it. Driving downtown is already a nightmare. Adding more drivers who are required to drive LIVING downtown will only make that more of a nightmare.

  46. They reversed the nerf to his damage and aggression. The only changes that stayed were the fixes for his sword hitboxes and they stopped the flying purple meteors from one-shotting you, which were valid changes.

  47. Oh I'm glad to hear that! Yeah the rock sling one shot was my only complaint with the fight. I don't remember the need for the hitbox fixes but I'm glad they reverted the other nerfs. I thought they nerfed his HP quite a lot too though? Was that also reverted or am I pulling that out of my ass?

  48. Radahn never had very high HP, it just felt like it because you were one mistake from death the whole fight and so players would be more passive as a result

  49. That's just peak feminine form. Don't be jealous. It takes years to perfect such a form.

  50. Or your playgroup can grow up and play some interaction. If you lose friends because you can win a card game, then maybe they weren’t great friends?!

  51. I thought the point of stax was to prevent all interactions and anyone from playing

  52. Yeah I’ve got a few Pir’s too. I made my super friends into a [[Sisay, Weatherlight Captain]] deck and it’s got a Pir and my Atraxa counters focused deck has a Pir. I’m also building a [[Skullbriar]] so I’ll probably put one there too.

  53. Everyone who is below the age of 50 that I know personally wants to give up and stop living at least a little bit inside. Everyone below 30 wants this hell to be over.

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