ONE PIECE Fanmade OP 25

I'm in this with you.

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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  1. If you're a union member, I would recommend reaching out to your union. They should be able to get this sorted.

  2. Who would you like to see me do next? Im currently working on a zoro piece

  3. That was so sick! Great job on the build up of epicness

  4. There's a One Piece Zoro & Chopper figure from Fulishe on pre-order that I love and want to get. However, I can only find it on sites not talked about on here much and without much online presence apart from the website. I'm a bit worried about throwing my money away on questionable sources. Would y'all mind taking a look at these and giving me your thoughts? As a newcomer to figurines, any help would be appreciated.

  5. Yes I did it everything myself. They won't help you so don't bother asking. You have to put yourself up somewhere til it's finalized. Talk to the agent. Hire or get a gaurantor. Pay your fees. Sign your papers. Register at the city and you're good. If your japanese is any less than n3 you're in for a world of sorrow.

  6. Thanks for the info. It sounds like you have a decent level of fluency. I'm only around N5, which I know isn't enough, but I've also read about agencies meant to help foreigners find housing. I know that's not what you did, but do you know anyone who did this or have an idea if this is a feasible option?

  7. I was a municipal JET and I found my own housing. I had a partner and a dog who came with me so I needed more than what the CO was offering.

  8. Thanks for details! Super helpful. It sounds like you did this with pretty high Japanese proficiency. Do you know anyone or have an opinion on whether going through agencies meant for foreigners is a valid option?

  9. I realized recently that my favorite character is Oden. What a goat!

  10. Seconded; I've been pacing my relistening for months in the hopes they'd be up soon but we've passed the year mark that the first ones went up.

  11. Is it me and my not-yet-fluent Japanese skills or do the subtitles and audio not match at all?

  12. Try to push as much snow as you can off of the table from inside with a shovel. Then take one or two steps through the snow, until you can get up on the table, closing the door as you go. Shovel out a section next to the table and hop down to shovel out the rest of the deck.

  13. I couldn't figure out how to upload a pic of my team to a comment, so I've added it manually below. I'd appreciate any advice on transfers to make before Boxing Day!

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