1. Oh it's super funny, now that the show has been over for years!

  2. I used to binge this show because I love mysteries, but I stopped once I finally realized that the writers had no idea what was going on either lol.

  3. Wotakoi: Love is Hard For Otaku! Narumi fits this description perfectly.

  4. I'm the same way. Maybe there's a snack or drink you could replace it with? My saving grace when I quit was a big bag of crunchy vegetable chips that I could reach for instead of my vape. Tastes good, satisfies the oral urge, and makes me feel better than nicotine ever would 👍

  5. I've always been irritated by them too! They feel so condescending to me.

  6. I'm incredulous, but I think it says: "unfortunately for you, cock is one of my favorite..."

  7. There was a horrible redone ending to 1985's "Brazil" which shows Sam flying into the explosion though

  8. There’s an episode of the Simpsons where a Mary Poppins type nanny (named Sherry Bobbins) flies off on her umbrella and gets sucked into a jet engine.

  9. It was definitely a live action film so not the Simpson's, it doesn't seem to be Monty Python either but it might have been a similar type of comedy/satire film.

  10. No need to be so hard on yourself, very few people fully quit for the first time. And 18 days is a great achievement! You've still got this man, keep at it!

  11. Does it have the actual thc % on the back? I'm curious to know how high it is

  12. Until the holes at the bottom are mostly exposed. then I hang on to em for a while (keeping them stored upright) and when I come back to them a bit later the oil has settled and I can use it again.

  13. Aye I'm smoking that same blue dream strain right now lol, different brand tho. I've always wanted to try HH but they're out of my price range personally.

  14. This is great, beatiful don't hurt eyes, the color is nice, in hover version you can put a vivid color in letters, but I think this is great. You can enter in discord visual novel dev for more opinions or in twitter with tags #vnlink.

  15. That's wonderful to hear and I'll definitely look into that discord, thanks so much!

  16. My two cents: Your pallet is nice but the text/dialog/ui boxes in the computer screen look weird to me, being all pink. To me pink is better used as an accent color. You've got pink and pink with pink and pink and frankly that's just a ton of color to use for a box that's traditionally just black text on a grey background. It's just a bit much. It's not ugly or unreadable or anything. It's just a little loud.

  17. Thank you, I'll keep that in mind! Perhaps a dark blue/green to complement the background would be better? I'm trying to keep the range of colours somewhat limited while still making sure each part stands out from one another.

  18. It looks cool as hell, but I agree that I'd find it hard to look at such saturated colours for long. Also, the dark blue on the pink is a little hard to read for me, personally.

  19. That's helpful input and an amazing resource, thank you so much!

  20. I can't speak on the colorblind part because I am not. It nearly hit my light sensitivity range, but..that isn't difficult to reach sometimes. :) I can read it without trying to squint, so I think it works.

  21. personally, i haven’t. but i do know people tend to sweat due to the rise of blood pressure from cannabis. maybe you’re smoking a very high thc strain? which can lead to elevated blood pressure from too much thc.

  22. The sativas I get tend to be really high thc so that would definitely explain it!

  23. The crib is definitely empty and I give her gifts every day, but I do play with lots of mods so I guess that's probably it. Thanks! Is anything broken now, or can I just wait for Abigail to ask me again eventually?

  24. Really good! I like your style, plus the body language and expression really seal the deal!

  25. Never heard of that show and I know it was something I've watched regularly

  26. Other sitcoms I've watched are Arrested Development, Community, Parks and Rec, Modern Family, Always Sunny, and the Big Bang Theory, so it could be from any of those too.

  27. I've heard the opposite. If you don't do it now you'll just want to keep putting it off. Today's the day, throw everything out and distract yourself, you got this!

  28. Nope. The layout of the volcano mine is determined at the start of the day. The best you can do is just immediately rush to the mines, complete it and loot any red chests, and if none have the rings restart the day and just pass on the mine that day, so you don't waste time going there and not getting what you want.

  29. I think I remember this happening in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book.

  30. I considered this but canonical to the show did he know he could resurrrect people to fight as a child?

  31. No he didn't. The only time we see him resurrect people in the show is in the season 2 timeline that doesn't end up happening, so TV Klaus probably still doesn't even know he can do that lol.

  32. We see him reanimate Ben in the first season and in the second season when lila threw them all using Vanyas power at the farm, he was like "catch me catch me catch me" and he got caught by some soldiers or maybe dead farm people he reanimated

  33. Oh right! Yes that's my mistake, completely forgot about that part.

  34. oh, he's doing that just fine. Check out S3 Five versus S1 Five.

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