1. Thanks for letting me know!! I will most likely pick a time to watch it when I know to mute the TV or fast forward.

  2. Late reply but I just watched this doc tonight so wanted to add: you will know when they are about to play the temple assault audio as they lead up to it in the interviews. At least one of the law enforcement men involved comments on it and Briell (one of Warren's wives and the focus of the doc) talks about how she has not and does not want to hear the audio because it would be triggering for her. The audio plays almost immediately after that so you know when to start fast forwarding. The audio plays over a series of photos (like photos of the area around Short Creek and the temple in Texas) and they show several interviewees facial reactions to the audio, so don't get fooled when they first cut back to an interviewee and press play.

  3. Thanks so much! :) Yea I can’t remember if Keep Sweet had a warning bc I was distracted and didn’t know until too late while I was in public. I’ll likely mute the assault bc I still don’t think I want to hear it again.

  4. Not a problem at all! Just mute it after Briell says she does not want to hear it and don't unmute until you see someone is speaking again and you should be good :)

  5. You are absolutely right and I was shocked to see that this is not the common perception of this movie. His attempt to be "intimate" was not cool at all, he was being so pushy and then started yelling at her for not pretending she consented. It was so triggering to see as a victim of SA. And there is literally never an excuse to be yelling about hitting someone like that to begin with but especially knowing your partner comes from a house with domestic violence. He was a horrific partner and I was so excited to see her leave him at the end of the film.

  6. Christine Brown would be fun! She might be too nice though...

  7. She's hilarious, close in age to most of the cast, and would definitely bring in new viewers! But she would not fit with the plastic surgery, full glam culture that is taking over Bravo

  8. The footage of the conversation between Whitney and Meredith wouldn't change things because that isn't what they are fighting about. There was an off-camera alliance against Lisa and Whitney functionally called it off by telling Lisa they had been discussing her. Heather and Whitney are not bickering about if Heather remembers Angie saying the rumor - they are fighting because Heather is invested in her image as the relatable underdog to Lisa's "mean girl" and admitting to have been plotting against Lisa would make that image impossible to maintain. Meredith's technical lawyer-y "I didn't use that word" type corrections to Whitney don't matter for the same reason: they aren't fighting about who said what first, but about Whitney ending&exposing an off-camera plot. Lisa doesn't mind Whitney having said one specific rumor on camera because she understands that most of what was said about her was off camera and that Whitney's drunken confession about the gossiping is the only reason Lisa wasn't blindsided when the season aired and her having affairs and an illegitimate business was discussed in every episode without her knowledge. Whitney may have repeated something unflattering about Lisa but spared her a much bigger embarrassment. Like women across franchises always say, most of the fights you see on the show are about the show.

  9. snape / headmistress (weems?) obsessing over children based on teenage interactions w their mothers

  10. The book Right Wing Women by Andrea Dworkin talks a lot about this phenomenon if you’re interested. It’s really sad, and it basically boils down to it being a survival tactic in a misogynistic world that pits women against each other :(.

  11. They were not on the show but definitely discussed - in s3 when Phaedra joins the cast, she makes a couple comments to Cynthia about how glad she is that the Lord sent Apollo to her "clean" and without previous kids

  12. Just tell him. The longer it goes on, the harder it will be to admit it

  13. But then say what? And I will certainly lose him once I come clean

  14. The longer this goes on, the more you will hurt him when he realizes and the more difficult it will be to mend the relationship. Write a draft of a message to him if you need to, just be vulnerable and honest about why you used fake photos originally, why you are coming clean, and what the relationship means to you/what you want out of it.

  15. She is caught up (financially, socially, emotionally) in an abusive relationship with him

  16. Disagree. She was horrible to the other women but John sucked. Think about how he argued with Bethenny, who he barely knows and while on camera, and then imagine how he would have argued in private with his girlfriend. He groped Kristen in s6. He is gross and nasty and I think we can criticize Dorinda without rewriting his history and personality.

  17. The hymen is pretty meaningless, actually. Not everyone who is female is born with one even. The traditional idea of a hymen breaking and blood being the markers of losing virginity does not have any scientific backing, it was a myth that helped to hide how common sexual abuse was and how inequitable even consensual sex often is due to lack of education about the female body. You said you want to "feel the pain and have the blood again" but these are not necessary aspects of sex, even for someone's first time. You bleed and hurt during sex if you are not aroused and your vagina is not opening (due to lack of arousal). Sex you are enthusiastic about would not be painful.

  18. Waiting for it to get bad enough to feel "allowed" to leave is a sign you need to leave. You can give yourself permission without having to experience pain the pain that you can see coming. Trust your gut that it's coming and take that as the permission you are waiting to feel. You should check out the book Why Does He Do That by Lundy Bancroft

  19. Robyn's question was not offensive and it's silly they tried to make out like it was. She has to do a whole song and dance apologizing and explaining at the reunion because people genuinely acted like it was a racist statement.

  20. Wow! So this continues through out the seasons I’m assuming? I’ve never watched this franchise before so I assumed this was a one time thing.

  21. GEB = Green Eyed Bandits, a nickname Karen coins for Robyn and Gizelle. Sorry, I forgot that term isn't a thing in s1 Various issues regarding race and colorism continue throughout the show but this specific debate about biracial or black does not. Robyn brings it up in a talking head in s4 or so but otherwise it is other race-related issues that happen later.

  22. Candiace was a huge ATL fan. And RHOP, but she thought RHOP was boring. The RHOP girls didn’t/don’t speak highly of RHOA Wives because RHOA didn’t want to help promote RHOP, if I remember correctly. Also, production kept comparing them and shading RHOA in the process. Probably making RHOA bitter towards RHOP Wives.

  23. Oh, interesting! I misremembered the order, thought the RHOP girls had been trying to distance themselves from RHOA before the ATL women refused to promo RHOP. my bad!

  24. She is not wrong. More so, they made something special that can stand on its own against Atlanta. Id even argues that Potomac has been better since it launched because Atlanta ahs been consistently dropping in quality. But yeah, the initial seasons of Atlanta are untouchable.

  25. I hope for her sake that it is true. Him wanting her "pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen", him acting like she owed him sex, him picking fights on her birthday, all major red flags.

  26. This tweet really dropped the ball by not giving the context being that she got in line to ask him if she was being unpaused and started a "make it nice" chant with like 5 audience members 💀

  27. There is no way that is healthy for a vagina. Plus there was something that made me uncomfortable about that happening twelve hours after Whitney disclosed about her childhood abuse. She didn't say what kind of abuse but (whether from the editing or how she talked about it or just knowledge of the church) it seemed implied, or at least not ruled out, that it was sexual abuse. I think I will feel uncomfortable with Heather shoving Whitney in the next episode for the same reason (even tho I get why she's annoyed w whitney no doubt!!). I just feel like if someone I knew told me they had started remembering being abused as a child, I would be being much more mindful about how I interact with them and their body for at least one day?

  28. Whitney’s always trying to turn everything into a stripper pole. She hung upside down wearing a skirt facing Jen. Jen just creative, lol

  29. What does this even mean? how is being upside down in a skirt or being on a stripper pole permission for someone to pour alcohol directly into your vagina?

  30. Completely agree! Being trauma informed really puts you on the outs with some of the more popular opinions in bravodom I've noticed

  31. wrong sub plus GROSS. sharing photos of your ex without consent is creepy at best and revenge porn at worst based on your emoji choice. go schedule a therapy appointment and delete reddit probably.

  32. A lot happened in their friendship but you highlighted probably the saddest part (and most realistic) - Carole's switch from understanding Bethenny's trauma to not caring any more. It's very common for people to have a "fed up" threshold with abused women where at some point they stop sympathizing the way they used to

  33. Meredith visits Whitney to talk about rumors regarding Lisa and Vida Tequila

  34. Hi. I didn't know this about downvotes and I admit, it is really strange. Thank you for educating me. Reddit is a weird place. However, I still couldn't agree with you that the subs are both equally toxic.

  35. I think you are being naive about how this sub operates, I'm sorry to say. Scroll through this thread - all of the downvoted comments are the ones agreeing with OP and OP somehow has 50 comments but the like/dislike ratio is at 0. Only one person has commented saying they post Paxton content here without receiving hate and about five people have commented to say they agree they get downvoted and dogpiled if they don't worship Ben or Jaren; anecdotally referring to comments on this thread as evidence works against your point. My last comment which is a very simple explanation of mass downvoting results in censorship has received a bunch of downvoted as well and it doesn't even say anything about the show, just a simple statement of fact about how reddit works. You are the only person in 50 comments who has even engaged in the possibility that this sub has censorship or can be toxic, 30+ others disagreed without even trying to hear out OP or the 5ish commenters who agreed (and multiple of those 30+ other comments are just outright mocking OP.)

  36. The thing is, downvoting isn't censorship! I'll admit, I don't know much about reddit as I've just started to use it recently but just like with some other platforms, people will disagree with you.

  37. Downvoting is censorship, or results in it at least even if not intended. Downvoted comments get hidden in the thread and the commenter loses karma, which makes people less willing to post unless they follow the mass opinion. And OP isn't generalizing, toxicity and censorship happen on this sub to the same degree as the other.

  38. Agree with all of these other than 3 - likes vs RTs is a flawed way to statistically compare the popularity of the two

  39. how is this being downvoted ? it's just how statistics work ? you guys fr complain about the other sub being censored but downvote & dogpile anyone who isn't praising ben 24/7 🙄

  40. My guess to justify that plot hole is that some strings were pulled ($$$) to make that happen. Naomi is ruthless. 😂 Like… keep quiet about this and we can get you into another Ivy.

  41. My realistic justification is that she had already been accepted to both. She clearly took some kind of very minor charge in a plea deal on the condition that she attended the facility they showed her at and had the bigger charges (namely arson) dropped. Harvard likely rescinded her acceptance because, regardless of what the charges ended up as, the incident involved one of their professors and could be considered a safety concern. Yale would probably be legally limited in their ability to rescind acceptance to someone for either mental health problems or very minor charges (wouldn't be surprised if Naomi even clearly threatened Yale with a discrimination suit if they rescinded)

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