1. I always add a cutting of a golden potho with all my hard-to-root-plants. Maybe give that a try if you have one ☺️

  2. Garson was ‘Nosrag’ back in the day (Garson backwards) and then transferred to ‘g-town’ with the millennials

  3. $2200-2500 rough estimate. That was the price for both - but it was all based on this photo and no actual in person consult

  4. NAD They need to do xrays and actually check each tooth for recession and number them. It can't be based off a photo. Where do you live? That seems expensive, I just got mine done for $990.

  5. Has anyone seen this variety bloom? I’ve had mine for about 2 years and it has yet to bloom. She’s very happy tho growing like a weed in my green greenhouse cabinet at 45-60% humidity

  6. I haven't seen it in person, but the Vermont Hoya website has a nice clear picture of a white flower with a magenta/purple center.

  7. Ouu thanks for the info I’ll go check it out. Your plant is gorgeous btw ☺️

  8. Known aliases include but are not limited to: Jason Laface, Jason Lafacie, Jason Goulet, and, my personal favourite, ‘Jonah Red Tail Talways’

  9. Thank you! I’ve had this plant for 4 years and it’s the first time flowering for me. Patience is key with this plant :’)

  10. What a basic name. Nothing wrong with Trevor but after True, Chicago and Stormi I thought she would name him something like Touché

  11. Coles notes for my English friends: Khloe was only considering names that started with a T. ‘Aqababe’ (somewhat credible instagram account) got a direct message ‘anonymous tip’ saying the baby is named Trevor.

  12. I have several regular Shangri las in my collection, I'd love to add a variegated one. I never see them for sale in Canada. 😭

  13. Im in northern Ontario Canada!! Message me I can maybe ship a node in the spring?! :)

  14. Goodluck General Store in Sudbury Ontario - they are a small local shop in the heart of our downtown core

  15. I need to inspect mine next time I water. Make sure you don't remove the peduncle after the flowers will flower from there again. 🍃

  16. They only open once and stay bloomed for around 2 weeks on average. (In my experience) based on this picture, I think you have another ~10ish days before they open. Hope you don’t miss them!!

  17. I am checking daily! I didn’t know if they opened and closed in a 24-hour period or not so I’m pleased to hear they stay open for several days

  18. A white bb born under a spruce Christmas tree in the middle of the dessert. A true christmas miracle indeed

  19. I knew the Virgin Mary was so it makes sense her son baby Jesus would also be!

  20. Sudbury Womens Centre at 174 Douglas would love the donation! They help women, girls, non-binary and trans people get free access to basic needs, including clothing

  21. They take lightly used clothing of any kind and either give it to their clients for free or re-sell it in their community closet where all the proceeds go directly back into SWC

  22. Sudbury Women’s Centre at 174 Douglas St has a bunch of free resources including access to feminine products, toiletries, and a whole thrift store free for clients.

  23. Seeing this post felt like reading from my own thoughts - this is exactly how I eat. The worst is when I don’t ‘feel’ like anything in particular and I go through lists of possible foods but nothing is appealing. I then get anxiety because it’s frustrating and I begin to spiral..

  24. Mine is putting out blooms too! I was so confused at first and debated cutting them off, but I’m curious what they’ll look like.

  25. I know it takes energy from the plant to let it bloom but I’m just so curious!

  26. Please tell me what you are doing to make her so happy. The moment I bring an aglaonema into my house all I can do is watch it ride the pale horse lol But yes, she is going to flower!

  27. I have her about 4 feet away from a south facing window and I let her really dry out between watering (mainly because I’m lazy and used to hoya watering schedules)

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