I hate to bring up Trump, because everyone on Reddit always vomits in their throat when anyone brings him up buuut...

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  1. As a smoker of 36 years, I can honestly say that flower is and always will be my go to. No edibles, unless given a cookie or brownie by a friend, no tinchers, salves, oils.....none of that. I'm spoiled these days with the medicinal. I love knowing the THC and terpene info.

  2. Why? How do you know she isn't watching it with him?

  3. and you sound like someone with no morals or values. GFY

  4. uhhhh....they're having an affair. If I were you, I'd be showing up there unexpected so that it would give me the definite proof, but yeah.....This has lies written all over it.

  5. No, yours is something someone who doesn't gaf about how her actions affect other people would say. NOW this conversation is over as you are blocked.

  6. I agree with what you say. Those videos were cringe worthy. Especially the one where she told him she was pregnant. You could tell that she was nervous about his reaction when she asked "really?" It was obvious to me so many that he wasn't excited. Yet she posted it anyway. Attention seeker.

  7. There are SO many similarities to my former sister in law. From the controlling nature, to the MLM (former sister in law was/is a Thriver) to children being accessories rather than something to be cherished.

  8. This literally just happened to me. Somebody I've known for 13 years and tolerated. I moved an hour away, and I've distanced myself completely. It's been nice.

  9. Also, would you be friends with people who obsessively comb thru hours of a murder victim's footage trying to find reasons to demean the victims and promote certain YT channels?

  10. The question was asked and she answered honestly. I agree with her. For those of you who say Shannon had so many friends maybe you should do your homework because if you did you would find out that all of her friends were new friends. She didn't have any old friends, Because she was disliked in school.

  11. I get that. I think people incorrectly assume the articles clearing the husband and son refers to the 13 year old and not the oldest son who was with the father. Does not sound like the 13 year old has been cleared.

  12. they all 3 have been cleared from what I've read.

  13. Similar case by me happened. Daughter 13 watched as her older boyfriend 20 stabbed her mom to death and tried to cover it like children do. All over moms disapproval of the relationship.

  14. Funny you mention that type od scenario. This was posted last night on Twitter. The oldest boy sure has changed!! Maybe the girlfriend flipped out over him going to college out of state? Ps. I promise that's a safe link. You gotta see that pic.

  15. Just want to add, that picture from the link you added, I believe was from Halloween where the two were pretending to be one another, so I wouldn’t put too much weight on that photo with how they present themselves. Not ruling it out, just thought it’s worth adding the context.

  16. No. The older boy is a goth. I've seen several photos of him in dog collars and black eye mKeup

  17. yes, I've read several articles where the 13 year old, his name is Leo, has been ruled out. Poor kid must have been so confused and scared. The older boy is named Jamie.

  18. I'm wondering if she was set up. If the whole thing was planned. The reason I say that is because for one... she sat in that bar for almost an hour waiting on somebody who never showed. Secondly.....The dog, who by all accounts was constantly at her side, was at the dog sitter that night. Maybe the killer knew that the dog wouldn't be there. No dog no barking. PS. The dog was with the sitter because she and the younger son were flying to Michigan the next morning to meet up with her husband and older son. Has anyone read anything about the older son's girlfriend? I've also heard that there is a man that is in question but nobody seems to know for sure if that's true. The youngest son has definitely been ruled out.

  19. I've had a half dozen women like you who have been single, with boyfriend, or married over the last few years. I love sluts like you and I had a lot of fun sending pictures back and forth to and sexting with each one of them. I miss it. I would never had dreamed of doing these things with women who I use to think were so out of my league.

  20. what kind of best practices? I'm intrigued!

  21. I wonder if she has a side to this story. Are you a gamer by any chance?

  22. Holla!!!! He may be crass and doesnt have much tact, but he was awesome for our country and for our liberties!

  23. whats the big deal about them being metal? They cost $50 dollars!!!

  24. Crypto is the future. Not necessarily bitcoin.

  25. Why can't people just accept the fact that he is a monster that snapped and murdered his family..... He killed them all.

  26. Fuck him I wouldn't give him anything but the silent treatment.

  27. There are plenty of articles saying that this is only for goods and services transactions. Has no impact on the Friends and Family transactions.

  28. you should read more clearly. If you receive more than 600 dollars in a year total, then you will be reported.

  29. Ok so when you sell anything over 600 dollars to anyone, be sure to do it via cashapp or PayPal so you can pay your taxes...since you're so ok with it.

  30. because the tests are never really accurate. None of them.

  31. Covid will become known as the greatest scam in history. So many lining their pockets. $$$$$

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